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Hair Loss Charity Alopecia UK Holds Big Weekend 2017 Event


The well-regarded charity Alopecia UK has announced details of its annual Big Weekend, where people whose hair loss has been caused by autoimmune disorders – Alopecia Areata and its related conditions – gather to share support and stories.

It will be the fourth time the hair loss charity has run the event, and this year it will take place in Birmingham from Friday 22 to Sunday 24th of September 2017.

Alopecia UK Big Weekend itinerary

Birmingham Alopecia UKThe itinerary is as follows:

Friday: evening reception drinks and canapés, which promises visitors the chance to get to know other attendees. The evening is aimed at adults and older teens, but families needn’t feel left out as the organisers can put them together with other families so that they can arrange a visit to the cinema or similar group activities.

Saturday: during the day adults will be able to take their pick from a wide variety of talks, workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations. This will run from 9.30am to 5pm, with a focus on sharing information. Kids and teens will be well catered to within the venue thanks to an assortment of games, crafts and workshops. In the evening, everyone is invited to a lively and upbeat night of dancing, food and fun. The event will coincide with Alopecia Awareness Month, so attendees are being asked to wear the charity’s signature colour: blue.

Sunday: with an emphasis on awareness, Alopecia UK is looking for budding models (and, indeed, anyone with Alopecia Areata who fancies some fun in front of a camera) to volunteer for photo and video shoots so that the charity has lots of promotional material for the coming year.

Tickets for the full weekend cost just £50.50 (plus booking fee), while separate events cost between £6 and £27. Children with hair loss get free access to everything. For full pricing details or to buy tickets, see the Alopecia UK website.

Dealing with Alopecia Areata

The work done by Alopecia UK has been warmly received by the many people dealing with various types of Alopecia Areata, as well as their friends and families. Although it can be hard to deal with at any age, this is especially true for children who are often subjected to bullying due to the general lack of alopecia awareness. This is why the work the charity does in offering support networks, education and opportunities like the annual Big Weekend event, to get together in a ‘safe space’ with others with similar experiences, is so important.

The charity can be a fount of information pertaining to medical developments, concealing techniques (wigs, hairpieces, scarves and the like) and it also runs nationwide support groups where people get to see that they really are not alone. It’s also worth pointing out that Alopecia UK is not without a sense of fun: the name of its team entered into a 10k obstacle run this year is “Apatchy Warriors”.

Alopecia areata is a complex autoimmune disorder that may be mild – displaying as sudden, patchy hairloss affecting the scalp -or more severe causing baldness to the head, including facial hair, or from head to toe. These conditions are known as Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis respectively.

There are Alopecia Areata treatment courses available now for over 16s, which have been seen by specialists at Belgravia to produce significant, positive changes to hair growth in cases of the mild-to-moderate, scalp-only form. For now, there are no effective treatment options for Alopecia Totalis or Universalis, however. There are many in development though after a number of breakthroughs into potential treatments and it is believed a new form of severe alopecia areata treatment involving JAK inhibitor drugs will be released in around 2021.

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