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Hair Loss Can Trigger Psychological Problems: New Evidence


A major new study has revealed that hair loss, and the resultant stress which many people experience, can lead to major psychological breakdown in some cases.

The research was carried out by Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, which treats 1,080,000 outpatients and 128,000 inpatients annually. Researchers studied hair growth, hair disorders and changes in hair density and quality among their patients.

A Very Important Study

The doctors found that losing hair, including from pattern baldness, the most common hair loss condition and one which responds well to combined treatment packages, could be an “enormous emotional burden,” that may result in low self-confidence, mental disorders and even impaired quality of life.

This is undeniably a very important study that will hopefully encourage doctors and health workers to take the issue of hair loss seriously, giving those who experience it more information both on the cause and the potential treatment. All too often at The Belgravia Centre, we see patients who have been told that their hair loss is ‘just a fact of ageing’ or similarly unhelpful advice that does not explore all their options.

Serious Implications

Another point of interest that the study uncovered was that hair loss from pattern hair loss or other similar conditions can trigger responses such as pulling your hair out (trichotillomania) which can in turn result in depression and anxiety-based disorders. In the most extreme cases, hair loss can trigger body dysmorphia, where people suffer acute anxiety about their looks.

The psychological effect hair loss has on people is difficult to measure, as it cannot be diagnosed by sight like hair loss disorders themselves. However, this new study will hopefully alert doctors who have been previously dismissive of the implications of hair loss on those experiencing it, increasing the quality of patient care. If your hair loss is affecting your ability to enjoy life, The Belgravia Centre can compile a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your needs that gives you a very good chance of halting hair loss and regrowing thinning areas. You can regain your lost confidence and happiness through our medical-based hair loss solution; meaning life-changing hair loss treatment doesn’t need to be invasive or extremely costly.

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