Hair Loss and Thinning in Today’s Society

Subliminal messages

Throughout our lives, we're fed a steady diet of subliminal messages that tell us full-bodied manes and thick lustrous tresses are signs of fertility, virility and youth. Over time, the normality of gradual thinning hair has been replaced by a sense of fear, and betrays our youth along with all the other undesirable effects of aging. Never mind that hair loss affects a large majority of the population thinning hair has become a psychologically stressful condition for both men and women.

Due to the very nature of society, the effects of hair loss - a seemingly harmless physicality - are amplified. Women for instance are under constant pressure to conform to media-enforced expectations yet female hair loss has always been an issue that’s been shoved under the carpet. Many women’s hair loss cases are temporary, so a lot of the time women are told to ride it out - not easy when you consider 30% of people think a woman with hair loss could be discriminated against at work* - despite the fact it could be permanent, or indicate something more serious.

Men are not exempt from the psychological effects of hair loss either. Thinning hair and male pattern baldness may be more socially acceptable than hair loss in women but it doesn’t discount a man from ridicule and being the butt of most of his mates’ jokes. In fact, hair loss is ranked in the top three concerns of men.**

So what can be done about hair loss and how can we control thinning hair?

Prevention: There are some common causes of hair loss in men and women that can be prevented. Eating a balanced diet that consists of a range of foods that promote healthy hair will keep diet-related hair loss at bay. Regular shampooing with a mild product will help control sebum levels and keep the scalp clean and healthy, providing the optimum environment for healthy hair growth. With proper hair styling habits you’ll avoid excess breakage and traction alopecia. There are also medical reasons for hair loss that can be controlled and avoided if you get regular health checks by your GP.

Medically approved and scientifically proven treatments for hair loss are helping people all over the worldTreatment: If hair loss runs in your family however, it won’t be something that can be prevented entirely. Medically approved and scientifically proven treatments for hair loss are designed specifically to stabilise, control and reverse the effects of the early signs of hair loss. There are safe and effective options for men and women that have helped thousands of hair loss sufferers take hold of their condition and allowed them to start living again.

Hair loss and thinning hair is seriously a tough ordeal for many people of all ages. No one pokes fun at the woman who gets her teeth whitened or the guy who waxes his chest so why shouldn’t men and women who want to maintain a full head of hair have the chance?

The Belgravia Centre has been offering effective and scientifically proven hair loss solutions to people all over the world for almost 20 years and the number of happy, satisfied individuals is only growing. For the opportunity to see the same dramatic results as Belgravia’s customers, please call and book a free consultation with a hair loss specialist on 020 7730 6666. Alternatively, contact us for more information, or fill in the online diagnostic form from anywhere in the world for a personalised diagnosis and access to the most effective combination of treatments for hair loss.

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