Hair Loss After Pregnancy and Childbirth - Postpartum Alopecia

Hair Loss After PregnancyPostpartum Alopecia occurs in women two to four months after giving birth and is caused by more hairs than usual remaining in the growth phase.

The normal growth process for each hair consists of 3 phases - the growth phase (2 - 8 years), resting phase (about 3 months) and shedding phase. The hormonal changes that occur in a woman during pregnancy cause an increase in the amount of time her hair remains in the growth phase which results in her hair appearing thicker. The average number of hairs that a normal person loses is 100 per day but this hormonal reaction causes pregnant women to lose as little as 50 or less.

After pregnancy the temporarily retained hair sheds which can be worrying for the sufferer, but it is only the excess hair that is falling out and once the shedding has passed the hair will usually return to its original density as it was before pregnancy within 6 months.

Treatment is not usually necessary but failure of the hair to recover six months after pregnancy indicates other possible causes. Stress, a change in lifestyle and strain on the body are other factors that can perpetuate the problem of otherwise temporary hair loss following childbirth. Such factors can cause a more longstanding condition called Diffuse Thinning. Repeated incidences of hair loss after pregnancy can result in less hair growing back each time also giving rise to Diffuse Thinning.

In order to avoid this type of hair loss it is very useful to consider using suitable treatments at each bout of hair loss. This approach helps to minimise the damage that each episode can cause and ensure hair is recovered to its optimum potential.


Postpartum Hair loss Treatment Video Diaries

Trinity Gardiner experienced visible hair loss following the birth of her second child. The Belgravia Centre filmed video Diaries to document and monitor her hair loss and progress with treatment. Here are her videos - the first two feature Trinity discussing her hair loss and presenting the thinning areas before and after having used a Belgravia treatment course, and the other is a direct comparison between her hair at day one of treatment and month 3. Trinity is a member of Belgravia's treatment advisor team.

Video Diary 1 - Day 1 of Treatment

Video Diary 2 - Month 3 of Treatment

Video 3 - Direct Hair Growth Comparison






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