Hair Loss Advice for Treating a Thinning Hair Around Hairline'

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Question: My hair is thinning a lot from the front need advice what to do

Answer: Hi, Maryam. There are a couple of hair loss conditions that could be causing this.

If your hair thinning is only on the top - around the hairline or thinning edges at the temple areas - this is likely to be female pattern hair loss. This is a permanent, genetic hair loss condition which is hereditary.

If it is more of a receding hairline with short, thin broken hairs around the front of the head, this could be Traction Alopecia, especially if you often wear tight or braided hairstyles. This is a fully preventable issue and can range from temporary, if caught in time, to permanent depending on the level of damage to the hair follicles.

Your hair loss could also be a combination of both conditions. It is unlikely to be frontal fibrosing alopecia as this does not tend to be described as 'thinning hair' given the front of the scalp where the hairline has receded is completely smooth and bald. This condition is permanent and cannot be treated although in some cases a hair transplant may be possible.

There are effective hair loss treatment courses available for both female pattern hair loss and traction alopecia. We recommend you consult a hair loss specialist for a personal diagnosis then, once the precise cause has been confirmed, a treatment plan can be customised to your exact requirements. They can also provide you with more personalised hair loss advice.

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