fbpx Hair-larious: Kermit Gets a Free Toupee
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Hair-larious: Kermit Gets a Free Toupee


If you thought Donald Trump looked ridiculous, wait until you see Kermit the Frog. Always a modest soul, Kermit tries to decline Grover’s latest offer, but knowing that hair loss is a major concern for frogs, kind-hearted Grover won’t take no for an answer. Tackling Kermit into acceptance, he imparts a lovely toupee to adorn froggy’s brain holder. Then attempts to sell a range of must-have hair products

And you thought you’d met the worst of the world’s salespeople!

The Belgravia Centre aims to provide the latest information in the hair loss industry to interested people in terms they can understand. With its interactive and information-based website, it also strives to make professional diagnosis, advice and treatment accessible to people all over the world. And without the old-school pressure of the sales pitch, your hair is in YOUR hands.

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