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Hair Growth Treatments

Men and women aren’t that different, at least when it comes to the unfair reality of hair loss.

There will always be the lucky few who can accept it as a fact of life, but the majority will want hair growth treatments that work – and fast. So that you don’t blindly reach for the first product in a pretty box, we’re giving you the low down on some of the most popular hair growth options so you can make an informed choice.


Finasteride 1mg Aindeem tabletsFinasteride 1mg is a licensed treatment for hair loss. First released under the brand name Propecia, it is now available under various brand names. It is a DHT-inhibiting tablet that stops hair loss in men and generates visible hair regrowth in about 70% of users.

Suggested use: 1 tablet a day.

Pros: Most doctor’s number one choice for male pattern baldness; Clinically proven to stop hair loss from the root cause and generate renewed hair growth; Doesn’t interfere with testosterone levels; Results may improve when combined with other proven hair loss treatments; Easy to take; May reduce risk of developing prostate cancer.

Cons: Not available to men under 18 or to women; 2% chance of side effects (lowered libido, decrease in amount of semen, difficulty in achieving erection) which often diminish with continued use; Can’t be used while trying to conceive; Must be used continuously to maintain efficacy.

Minoxidil DropperMinoxidil is a licensed treatment for hair loss. It is a topical treatment applied directly to the scalp once or twice a day that stabilises hair loss in 65% of users and stimulates and maintains hair growth in 2 out of 3 users.

Suggested use: Apply prescribed amount to affected areas once or twice a day.

Pros: Clinically proven to stabilise hair loss and promote and maintain growth; Effective hairline regrowth treatment; Available to men and women over the age of 16; Results may improve when combined with other proven hair loss treatments.

Cons: Needs be used continuously if used to treat male or female pattern hair loss; 1% chance of side effects (mild facial hair growth, headaches, rashes and palpitations) which often diminish with continued use; May be inconvenient to apply twice a day.


Belgravia Centre Hair Vitalics for Men Women Hair Growth Food SupplementsHair Vitalics is a food supplement that contains a number of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical nutrients to help with the quality of the hair and help reduce hair loss. Available in gender-specific formulas: Hair Vitalics for Men and Hair Vitalics for Women

Suggested use: 1 tablet per day

Pros: Produced by experienced hair growth experts; contains nutrients essential for healthy hair growth; no recorded side effects; suitable for vegetarians; gluten free; lactose free; sugar free; salt free; one-a-day tablet

Cons: No significant evidence that Hair Vitalics stabilises or promotes hair growth. No sufficient clinical trial has been carried out.

Viviscal SupplementsViviscal is a supplement that contains ‘AminoMar C Marine Complex’, horsetail extract and vitamin C, and is said to nourish thinning hair and strengthen and promote the growth of existing hair in most male and female users.

Suggested use: 2 tablets a day or 3 if you’re a smoker.

Pros: Contains essential nutrients for healthy hair growth; No recorded side effects.

Cons: No significant evidence that Viviscal stabilises or promotes hair growth. No sufficient clinical trial has been carried out.

Nourkrin supplementsNourkrin is a supplement that contains shark cartilage, silica and protein, and is said to reduce hair loss and promote existing hair growth.

Suggested use: 2 tablets a day

Pros: Natural product; contains essential nutrients for healthy hair growth; No reported side effects; Easy to take.

Cons: Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or those allergic to shellfish; No significant evidence that Nourkrin stabilises or promotes hair growth. No sufficient clinical trial has been carried out.


LaserCombHairMax LaserComb is an FDA-cleared hand-held low level laser treatment device that stimulates cell division within the hair follicle to encourage stronger, healthier hair growth in 93% of users.

Suggested use: 10-20 mins combing, 3 times a week

Pros: Clinically proven to regrow hair, increase thickness and make hair stronger; Drug-free; No reported side effects; The only laser therapy FDA-cleared for the treatment of hair loss; Cost-effective (one-off purchase); Easy to use.

Cons: Should be used alongside other clinically proven hair loss treatments; May not singularly stabilise and regrow hair in advanced stages of hair loss.

is a topical treatment that contains two amino acids and a vasodilator. It is said to reactivate the physiological growth of hair in areas affected by thinning and stimulate hair bulbs that are still active.

Suggested use: Apply prescribed dose on alternate days, on clean dry scalp, gently massaging lotion so it penetrates.

Pros: May make scalp feel cleaner.

Cons: No clinical evidence regarding the effectiveness of Crescina in stabilising hair loss or promoting hair growth; May be hard to apply (liquid can spill onto face); May cause redness and irritation.


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4th October, 2009 at 9:59 am


I like and appreciate your website details of hairloss. I am undergoing such a stress and did not imagine that their is hope in recovering even though I can see that I will need to be on drugs all my life to keep it growing. Now can I find the treatment locally here in My country or I need to come all the way to London?

5th October, 2009 at 10:25 am


Hi Daniel. If you are unable to get to Belgravia's London centre our treatments are available via our online service. Our ONLINE DIAGNOSTIC FORM takes about 5 minutes to complete and will usually give our medical staff enough information to diagnose your condition and recommend an effective course of treatment. Once you have completed the form somebody will be in touch to discuss your treatment recommendations.

28th December, 2009 at 11:21 pm

mary stanlel

where can i find these products

3rd January, 2010 at 10:07 pm


Hi Mary, I’m not sure whether you are asking for yourself or on behalf of another, but with regards to the clinically proven treatments for hair loss, consulting a doctor or specialist before taking either of these products is advised. Propecia is a prescription-only product for men for starters, and minoxidil comes in varying strengths and should be administered at the optimum dose for an individual. You can access medical advice and prescription for these treatments, as well as a range of other products, by contacting The Belgravia Centre to book a free appointment, or by filling in the online diagnostic form. With regards to the other products mentioned, they are available at most pharmacies. However, to be sure you are getting the best treatment for your particular condition it is always advisable to consult a professional for a quick diagnosis and recommendations.

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