Hair Fashion: Styles That Reach New Tight Heights

Marc Jacob's Towering Scrunchies

We’re approaching that time of the year again and fashion is leading us into the New Year with a bang and the bigger the bangs the better. In fact there’s no room for meek and humble hairstyles in 2010 if the spring runway collection is anything to go by. Vogue has indeed decreed that "hair furniture" is the way forward, but our poor little tresses could be in for a battering though if we’re not careful with the "uncompromising" styles.

The Hat and Hair Art Awards last month left us equal parts open-mouthed and impressed with their outwardly outrageous creations, but big name designers seem to have truly been inspired. The focus of the spring 2010 collections were arguably on the hair accessories, with designers like Marc Jacobs and Dior reaching for slightly more wearable, albeit still strange, heights.

Gareth Pugh's Spring 2010 CollectionThe towering scrunchies that permeated Marc Jacob’s show were scarily reminiscent of our 80s school photos (come on, we all have one), but they weren't on top of a bad perm. This time round the scrunchies took pride of place atop a severely pulled back bun that made us wince in pain, rather than embarrassment. Dior seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with kirby grips, and British designer Gareth Pugh’s models looked like they were slapped in the face by a bird and just went with it.

If you thought you could get away with bed hair just by throwing on a cutesy Alice-in-Wonderland-style headband this season, forget about it. It’s all about tight, controlled styles that let the hair furniture do all the talking. As The Guardian recently commented, with a clever air of tongue-in-cheek: “Suddenly it feels as if there's something terribly trifling, something shamefully futile, about the notion of mere hair "accessories"; as if a couple of kirby grips and an elastic band are the hairdressing equivalent of trying to make over your living room with a bowl of pot pourri and some cushions.”

Marc Jacob's Bunny Ears for Louis VuittonHilarious as it may seem, one must approach the trend with a degree of caution. The humble ponytail has been known to cause thinning hair and women who regularly braid their hair can run into some bald patches. If you’re going to slick, twist and pin your hair this season, try not to make it a daily habit. Remember that the tightness of current hair fashion is not worth the risk of hair loss (ever wondered why Lady GaGa has such an extensive collection of wigs?), so keep it loose. Besides, there's no way you can detract from those eye-popping Louis Vuitton-inspired bunny ears - people are still talking about Madonna's blue ones.

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