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Hair is made from keratin, the same protein that helps nails to grow. Keratin is a type of protein generated by the body’s stem cells; stem cell research may in the future help find a cure for hair loss.

Red Heads Have The Least Number of Hair FolliclesThe average number of hair follicles on a human is 100, 000. There is no way to increase this number; it is a genetic factor.

Red heads will usually have the least number of hair follicles (apx 90, 000), followed by brunettes (110, 000) and blonds have the most (130, 000).

A strand of hair has a thickness of approximately 0.02mm to 0.04mm.

Along with bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body.

When hair is wet it can increase in length by upto 30%. It will return to its normal length after its dried. If hair is stretched too often, the hair shaft can be damaged and break.

By the age of 50, over 50% of men will have male pattern baldness.

Some people will not notice the first signs of balding. The earlier genetic hair loss is treated, the better the results.

Genetic hair loss affects women; approximately 40% of women will have this type of hair loss as they enter the menopause.

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