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Hair Extensions As An Antidote To Female Hair Loss


US reality TV star Lauren Conrad is just one famous hair extensions fan

It has been reported in The Guardian that whilst the hair care industry as a whole is shrinking due to the recession, the hair extension industry is growing at a rapid rate, with sales up to £60 million per year and growing. Suppliers say that despite its phenomenal growth, it’s still just an emerging market, and with the trend for long, thick hair growing ever more popular, it’s not hard to see why hair extensions are such a popular choice.

Whilst clip in extensions that cost a few pounds are harmless fun, for women who wear extensions on a daily basis, there is a hidden cost to the hair that stylists might not be telling their clients about. At The Belgravia Centre we see many women who have previously worn extensions or weaves for an extended period of time experiencing traction alopecia as a result of the pressure to the hair.

The Cost Of Long Hair

For those thinking real hair extensions are a quick fix, the price for a full head of extensions says otherwise. The extensions, which are secured about a centimetre below the scalp onto the client’s existing hair using the covered metal ring attached at their end, can cost around £900. As the extensions usually last up to six months, they are a costly solution to those with thinning hair who use them to conceal hair loss.

For women who have suffered temporary hair loss, extensions, again as a temporary method, can restore confidence and may feel like a more natural option than a wig. However, women who wear extensions may find that their real hair is damaged by the pressure and growing back thinner where the extensions are attached. This can, in some cases, lead to the hair follicles dying from sustained pressure, so it’s vital to consider other options if you’re a continuous user of hair extensions.

Another Route To Thicker Hair

For women whose hair is thinning and not as lustrous as they would like, The Belgravia Centre offers a combined approach to halt the thinning, regrow hair and ensure your hair is at its absolute best in terms of health and quality. Our non-invasive method uses proven hair loss treatment minoxidil, combined with MPG or Azelaic Acid, which have been shown to block DHT, the hormone that causes the common pattern hair loss.

For those women who have damaged hair as a result of using hair extensions, providing the patches of damaged hair are not completely bald, we can also give you a good chance of regrowing hair in these areas. We prescribe high strength minoxidil formulations, which have shown great results for more stubborn patches of hair loss. Our nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics will ensure you’re getting everything you need to keep your hair healthy growing efficiently, and the HairMax LaserComb and our relaxing clinical treatment therapy will help stimulate the hair follicles when used alongside minoxidil.

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