Hair Endurance - Is Dandruff Shampoo the Solution to Hair Loss?

If you’re scratching your head about hair loss stop. Itching caused by dandruff can damage your hair at the scalp’s surface and result in breakage and subsequent thinning. While it may not be the root cause of your hair loss, dandruff symptoms can irritate the condition and damage the quality of your hair. However, the latest shampoo by Head & Shoulders is the solution to male hair loss, according to their International Hairstylist, Ben Skervin.

‘Hair Endurance’ is essentially an anti-dandruff shampoo but it’s giving men the impression that it will prevent hair loss. Head & Shoulders say the product is designed for men to offer relief to stressed and thinning hair and protect it against damage that could lead to breakage and further thinning.
A clean scalp is essential for healthy hair growth but shampoo won't stop hair loss
“Men often tend not to pay too much attention to caring for their hair, and will wash with harsh shampoos or even shower gels, which can do lots of damage,” Mr Skervin said. “Hair Endurance is the ideal solution for men to have great looking hair, as it addresses the issue of hair loss and damage right from the root, restoring great looking hair to men, and in turn restoring their confidence.”

It's a bit of an exaggerated claim... Dandruff does not directly cause hair loss but the rubbing and scratching as a result of the irritation could aggravate the problem and cause further damage the condition of your hair. Hair care products that reduce scalp inflammation may help reduce the severity of the condition but you shouldn’t count on any shampoo to stop your hair loss. Male pattern baldness is primarily determined by genetics, which is why most balding men lose hair on top and still keep hair on the sides regardless of dandruff or scalp inflammation.

You should consult a hair loss specialist if excessive shedding is causing you concern because, even if you are indirectly losing more hair due to dandruff, there are many other causes which should be ruled out. Furthermore, knowing the direct cause will put you in a better position to know how to tackle the condition head on and effectively manage and control your hair loss. Just as dandruff is manageable but not curable, hair loss can be controlled with the right treatment.

Dandruff varies in severity but is formed mainly as a result of an increase in production of dead skin cells, presumably caused by a fungal colonisation when the cells divide too quickly. Itching commonly accompanies the condition which can cause further irritation but most anti-dandruff shampoos will control the situation. If the itching persists, you should consult a dermatologist to find out why.

Hair loss on the other hand also varies in severity, but, 8 times out of 10 the root cause is a genetic predisposition and no shampoo can work its magic that deep and claim to be the solution to hair loss. Of course a clean scalp is essential for healthy hair growth but to put a stop to hair fall you’ll need to speak to a hair loss specialist. Most of the time hair loss treatment involves a combination of methods to combat the condition because so many factors can influence its progress.

Hair loss and dandruff can be a nightmare but they are both cosmetic inconveniences that can be effectively overcome. Find out what the best combinations of hair loss treatments are for you by calling 020 7730 6666to book an appointment with a Belgravia hair and scalp specialist. Alternatively you could send an email for more information or fill in the online diagnostic form for expert advice and access to a mail-order treatment program.

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