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Hair Dye Combusts – Are Hair Loss Treatments Safe To Store?

Firemen Were Called Out After A Packet of Hair Dye CombustedA couple from Worthing had a narrow escape earlier this week as a container of hair dye spontaneously combusted. Newsquest Media Group reported that Andrew and Amanda Hudson were awoken at 4am to find their bedroom filled with smoke and fumes coming from their wardrobe. Mr Hudson, 41, said the small chemical fire was a result of a two-year-old industrial hair product. He said, “Because it wasn’t fire smoke, the alarm didn’t detect it. We were just lucky my wife woke up when she did.” At the time, the couple’s children, aged 13 and 10, and Mrs Hudson’s parents were also in the house. The blaze was put out by fire crews and the couple were given oxygen therapy before paramedics took them to Worthing Hospital to be treated for minor breathing difficulties.

Fire Investigation Officer Mark Hayter said, “It is believed that (the hair dye) had not been touched or moved in approximately two years. There were no other ignition sources in the area and no other product involved.” He explained that the storage instructions were unreadable but advised the public to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

So are hair loss treatments safe to store? The Belgravia Centre prescribes Minoxidil and Propecia for hair loss. The clinic’s pharmacist, Christina, says that these products will not combust but that storage instructions do need to be followed.

Hair Loss Treatment Minoxidil Should Not Be Stored At Cold Temperatures, Do Not Put In The Hold On An Aeroplane“They both need to be protected from heat and light,” explains Christina. Also, Minoxidil should never be refrigerated or put anywhere cold, such as in the hold while travelling on an aeroplane. “The cold will make the solutions crystallise and the cream will separate,” says Christina. Both Minoxidil and Propecia should be stored at room temperature.

If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning and would like to find out more about how hair loss treatments work, we offer free consultations at the clinic. Please call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can complete the online diagnostic form and a consultation via the website.

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