Greek Clinical Trial Investigates Lotion for Alopecia Areata

Posted by Mike Peake

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A Greek company has announced that is recruiting for a clinical trial in which their already-available hair loss lotion Mexis will be put to the test.

The company’s website describes the product as “the only absolutely safe solution against Alopecia” - a claim which appears to be unsubstantiated - and lists the price of a 12.5ml bottle at 278 euros.

The company is hoping to recruit 20 volunteers arguably on the low side for a clinical trial and to treat half of them with their solution, the full name of which is Mexis MPAF M6S Patent. The other half will be treated with a placebo.

Potential translation error or typo

Over the course of 180 days, the density of participants’ hair will be measured with a camera and the change in the total amount of hair on the head will also be assessed. High definition imaging is a standard part of clinical trials researching any types of alopecia or trying to develop potential hair loss treatments so this is to be expected.

The company also named Mexis state on the website that participants will be a mix of males and females aged between 18 and 70, and that they must have Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disorder which results in patchy hair loss that can appear anywhere on the scalp.

Confusingly, they also state that “this study verifies whether the tested product has any efficacy in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia,” which is an entirely different condition altogether. Whereas Alopecia Areata is triggered by a number of things including stress, physical trauma, allergies and several other things, Androgenetic Alopecia also known as Male Pattern Baldness and Female Hair Loss is uniquely an hereditary and solely genetic condition. It is possible that this anomaly is a typo or translation error given Mexis did in fact carry out research into a treatment for genetic hair loss back in 2012, although the results were never published.

The trial announcement states that at the end of the study, volunteers will be asked about a number of things relating to their hair, including its fluffiness and sheen. They will also be asked about itching and about “the presence of scales on the scalp”.

Awaiting trial results

Little is known about Mexis in the UK, though reports from Greece (printed on the Mexis website) reveal that the company is fronted by a man named George Mexis. One article says that he has been treating hair loss for more than 25 years, and goes on to state that “with 1-10 applications of the lotion, the aggravation stops and the problem is solved for 10-20 years.”

Minoxidil DropperMr Mexis states in the same article that the solution can also be used as a preventative measure against hair loss, applied once or twice a year. He also describes his lotion as “a cosmetic, not a drug” and says that because of this “there is no obligation for me to inform doctors or the paid scientific conferences or the scientific magazines about it.

If Mexis has indeed created a miracle lotion that dramatically and safely reverses hair loss, it would appear it has largely slipped through the cracks of the world’s hair loss community. As with all clinical trials, however, the best way to approach proceedings is with an open mind. By October 2016 Mr Mexis may have the scientific data he is hoping for and perhaps the chance to make a little more noise on an international stage.

We await these findings with interest and will bring you an update here on the Belgravia blog once they are released. In the meantime, however, anyone concerned about patchy hair loss should consult a hair loss specialist as there are already existing Alopecia Areata treatment courses, involving topical applications of high strength minoxidil, which have been seen to produce impressive regrowth in Belgravia clients in the mild-to-moderate stages of this disorder.
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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Alopecia

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