Great Hairline, Growing Bald Spot

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At Belgravia, we often see patients whose balding has caught them unawares on account of them having a strong hairline, but a thinning patch on the back of their hair that couldn't be seen without the help of two mirrors, or if their hair loss was caught on camera.

It's even possible to retain a juvenile hairline (the hairline that you have when you're young, as supposed to a mature hairline that usually recedes somewhat between the ages of 17 and 29) whilst simultaneously experiencing a thinning crown. It can even happen that a juvenile hairline is kept throughout adult life, though this is unusual.

Juvenile Or Mature Hairline?

You can usually ascertain whether or not you have a juvenile hairline by wrinkling the forehead: if the hair touches the highest wrinkle you probably still have a juvenile hairline. It should also be noted that a mature hairline is not male pattern hair loss, which causes a noticeably higher receding hairline.

However, whether your hairline is juvenile or mature, just because it shows no sign of pattern hair loss it doesn't mean that excess shedding won't be occurring on the crown. So, what can men who are experiencing vertex hair loss do to halt the loss and prevent baldness?

There are two hair loss medications that have been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA; as such, these - either one or both - tend to form the basis of most non-surgical hair loss treatment plans and can be used to treat a balding crown.

Caught On Camera?

At Belgravia, our approach to treating male pattern baldness starts with a consultation - after all, it is vital to obtain a professional diagnosis before any appropriate hair loss solutions can be explored. Consultations can take place at Belgravia's City of London or Central London hair loss clinics, or - for those based outside London or abroad - via the Online Consultation form on our website.

Once the hair loss condition, level of shedding - meaning how advanced it is - and the pattern it is taking - such as a receding hairline or a thinning crown, for example - have been determined, then treatment recommendations can be made.

Generally these will involve the two clinically-proven medications - one topical and one oral - in addition to appropriate non-pharmaceutical hair growth supporting products. One of the key elements involved in Belgravia's hair treatment courses is the on-going personal support each client receives from their dedicated treatment team, from clinicians and specialists to their own Treatment Advisor.

Many clients tell us that having someone to support them throughout their treatment and who they can contact at any time with queries, is invaluable to them. Furthermore, having the option of quarterly check-ups where photoscans are taken which allow both patient and treatment team to monitor progress, is a hugely popular aspect of these bespoke plans. Whilst some men say - particularly at their first check-up - that they 'think' their hair has improved but, especially with a thinning crown, due to the angle they are unable to know for sure, being able to see their photo-scans up close and compare them from before and after starting treatment, can be reassuring as well as motivating.

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Posted by Natalie

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss