Government Sued for Hair Loss by Military Worker

The Korean Government Has Been Found Liable for Stress Induced Hair Loss Suffered by a Military Staff.

No doubt you’ve heard of post-traumatic stress that soldiers suffer as an effect of their duties but would you expect a Government to be sued for stress-related hair loss by one of their military personnel?

The Korean Government was recently found liable for the hair loss of Kim Lee. The court heard that Lee was placed in charge of postal exchanges (PXs) of a land force squadron in September 2006 and that he had to take care of a total of three PXs and had to work day and night.

Lee first noticed he was balding in February 2007 and was treated at a military hospital. But the hair loss spread to his eyebrowns, armpits and the rest of his scalp and body. This condition is a severe form of Alopecia Areata and is known as Alopecia Universalis (total loss of body and scalp hair) and it can be set off by extreme stress. While mild Alopecia Areata can be treated with success, when it progresses to Alopecia Universalis, there is no known cure for this stage of hair loss. In some cases the hair will grow back however for many it is permanent.

Lee, who was discharged from the service In November 2007, claimed his baldness did not improve and sued the Government.

A Military Staff Member Has Sued the Korean Government for Stress Induced Baldness.The Seoul Administrative Court ordered the Ministry of Patriot and Veteran Affairs to acknowledge 27-year-old Lee as a "man of national merit" and compensate him monthly for the loss of all his hair.

The court said, "Lee was in a good condition before he was located to the PXs and it is apparent that the excessive workload caused the hair loss," the court said.

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