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Gordon Ramsay’s Hair Hits the Headlines (Again)


Gordon Ramsay The Belgravia CentreCelebrity chef Gordon Ramsay hit the headlines in 2011 after admitting undergoing a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant operation. Three years later and Ramsay’s hair is in the news again thanks to a strange new hairstyle.

47 year old Gordon’s hair has been severely undercut at the back of his head, leading to unfavourable comparisons with a traditional monk’s tonsure. Many celebrity watchers were surprised by the “jagged” cut which looked less than professional.

Since first revealing the new haircut, Ramsay has clearly revisited his stylist who has tidied up his hairline, making it appear neater and sharper. One diner commented: “His haircut did look okay. It was a lot worse a few days ago and no-one I saw mentioned anything about his hair.”

A bad haircut, or is there more to the story?

Some hair loss experts have been speculating that the new hairstyle could actually be a sign of Ramsay having had another hair transplant operation. Typically, FUE hair transplant operations require men to shave part of their scalp so that the surgeon can access healthy hair follicles. These operations tend to use donor follicles from the back of the head as they are less likely to be affected by male pattern baldness following transplant. This would help to explain Ramsay’s odd choice of shaved hairstyle.

The TV chef has also been growing his fringe and combing it forwards, lending further evidence in support of the hair transplant theory. The combed forward hair could be hiding the site of the implanted hair follicles that would be used to restore a receding hairline at the front of the head.

Potential problems with FUE hair transplant operations

For some men, the promised hairline restoration potential of transplant operations is never realised. Ramsay may well end up the latest in a long line of men having to undergo multiple hair transplant operations after the first fails to yield the expected hair regrowth. Footballer Wayne Rooney appears to have had multiple procedures, and actor James Nesbitt admits to having had two separate transplants because the first failed to ‘take’.

Less invasive options for hair regrowth

Before opting for surgical intervention, men may wish to consider speaking with a hair loss expert who can diagnose their hair loss condition and create a tailored non-surgical treatment plan which promotes natural hair regrowth. Taking this approach to hair loss treatment can avoid the cost and discomfort of failed transplant operations.

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