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Going Bald: Frequently Asked Questions

If you think you may be experiencing male pattern baldness, the chances are you have some unanswered questions. We’ve gathered together some of the most frequently asked questions, and their answers, to provide you with some essential information about the process of losing your hair.

Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Client, James is "...really pleased with the results so far..."

Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Client, James is “…really pleased with the results so far…” from his comprehensive treatment programme

Why am I losing my hair?

Male pattern baldness is caused by the effect DHT has on your hair follicles. Whilst some people won’t react at all to this hormone, other men’s hair follicles have been genetically predisposed to be more sensitive to them. Of course, it could be that your hair loss is being caused by something else entirely, such as stress, illness or even a change in diet. You will need a consultation with a hair loss expert to receive an accurate diagnosis of your particular hair loss condition.

What can I do to stop hair loss?

That depends on the cause of your hair loss. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition, so there are no lifestyle measures you can take to prevent it. There are, however, scientifically proven hair loss treatments that can – when prescribed as part of a holistic treatment plan – help to regrow lost hair.

If your hair loss is not due to genetics, and is instead a lifestyle-related condition, measures such as following a healthy diet and taking regular exercise can help to keep your hair in optimal health. However, any hair loss will still require professional treatment. You can also take dietary supplements such as our Hair Vitalics, which include a number of nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Are there any alternative remedies to treat male pattern balding?

Alternative remedies should be used in conjunction with other treatments, as there is not enough scientific evidence that they work when used on their own. It’s said that massaging camphor or sage oil into your scalp or using menthol shampoo can stimulate new growth, whilst other natural remedies include Panax Ginseng and Gingko Biloba supplements. However, none of these are likely to actively promote the growth of new hair or prevent further hair loss. It’s better to see a hair loss expert who can prescribe a tailored hair loss treatment programme, which may include some natural supplements to boost hair health.

Does male pattern baldness affect other parts of the body?

Male pattern baldness only affects the scalp, so you won’t lose your eyebrows or eyelashes. Other hair loss conditions such as Alopecia Totalis and Universalis – more severe forms of Alopecia Areata which affect the hair on the rest of the head and body. If you have noticed hair loss anywhere other than your scalp, it is very important to get this checked out by a hair loss expert, because if you do have Alopecia, early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

Do baldness treatments have side-effects?

With the vast majority of proven treatments, side-effects are fairly rare, although skin and scalp irritation can occasionally occur. Your hair loss expert will monitor your progress and will make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, in the unlikely event that you experience side-effects.

The Belgravia Centre

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There are ennumber of reasons for hair loss in men. some are genetic related and some are related to hormonal imbalances.

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