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Girl Who Had Hair Cut Off by Teacher Speaks Out


What’s the worst punishment a teacher ever gave you in school? Perhaps detention, or sent to stand in a corner or perhaps even a ruler across the back of the hand. But did you ever hear of a teacher cutting a pupil’s hair off? Apparently, that’s what happened to 7 year-old Lamya Cammon, from Milwaukee, USA, who said that her teacher took her to the front of the class and cut off one of her braids as a punishment for playing with her hair.

While the Belgravia Centre is concerned with the treatment of hair loss, this is an interesting story that highlights a child’s right over their hair. Lamya, embarrassed by having her hair cut, said “I went to my desk and cried” while classmates at Congress Elementary School apparently laughed. Lamya’s mother, Helen Cunningham, is furious and is calling for the teacher to be sacked. “Why would we want someone like that teaching our kids? We trust our kids that once they go to school to be safe.”

The teacher has reportedly apologised for acting out of “frustration” and been issued a $175 fine for disorderly conduct by the local police department. However, the district attorney has refused to press criminal charges against the teacher.

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