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Girl to Give Metre of Hair to Little Princess Trust


Thirteen year old Ella-May Cauldwell has become something of a local celebrity in her home town of Bridport after pledging to donate her hair to charity. Ella-May, a student at Sir John Colfox School, has promised 1 metre of hair to Little Princess Trust for use in making a wig for sick children.

Ella-May Cauldwell Donates 1 metre of Hair to Little Princess Trust

A significant commitment

Ella-May has been growing her hair for many years, and it currently reaches below her knees. Talking to a local newspaper, her mother highlighted the sacrifice being made:

“Although her hair is very much a part of who she is, she feels that the time has come to cut it to a more manageable length – and would love for it to be made into a wig for a child suffering with hair loss.”

Ella decided to have her hair cut after seeing a YouTube video about the work undertaken by Little Princess Trust and the difference the wigs make to the children who receive them.

The donated hair will be used by Little Princess Trust to make a wig for a young child or teenager who is experiencing some form of hair loss. Wigs are most commonly given to kids fighting cancer and who have lost their hair as a side effect of chemotherapy drugs. Boys and girls affected by other conditions like Alopecia are also helped by the charity.

Anyone can donate a minimum of 7” of hair to Little Princess Trust for wig making. Ella-May’s donation of 1 metre is exceptionally generous.

“Everyone associated with the Little Princess Trust is so very grateful to Ella-May for her amazing contribution of hair,” said Monica Glass, the charity’s manager.

Cash donations encouraged

As well as the hair itself, Ella-May is seeking cash donations from people for Little Princess Trust. She has already far exceeded her initial sponsorship goal of £150, having raised over £260 at the time of writing.

Ella hopes to accompany her hair with enough cash to cover the costs of making the wig, further helping with the charity’s expenses. Wigs from Little Princess Trust typically cost up to £2,000 to make and distribute.

Ella will be going under the scissors of a local hairdresser on October 28th in Bridport town centre. Anyone interested in donating to Ella’s campaign can do so via her JustGiving page.

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