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Gigwise Commemorate Kings of Leon’s Hair Loss, But Are They Balding?

Kings of Leon hairPopular music website Gigwise have created a slideshow that charts the band Kings of Leon’s purported hair loss over the last ten years, and it’s certainly been a long time since the Tennessee rockers released their debt album in 2003. As the September release date for their latest album Mechanical Bull looms, we take a look at whether Gigwise have got it right with regards to the band’s hair.

It’s clearly the case that the band have smartened up over the past decade, and their initial scruffy long haired look has been replaced with a more stadium show-friendly groomed appearance. However, shorter hair doesn’t automatically equate with hair loss, so what other evidence have Gigwise found?

Band for Balding?

Whilst the odd picture shows a band member with straggly hair, it’s more likely that the issue was sweat as supposed to male pattern hair loss, which generally appears as a receding hairline or a thinning atop the scalp, particularly on the crown.

None of the band members appear to have receding hairlines, and whilst certain pictures seem to show slightly thinner hair at times, the overall density is good, and the thinning could be explained by temporary forms of hair loss such as seasonal hair loss.

So, how come Kings of Leon seem to be keeping their hair despite it being very common for men in their late twenties and thirties to notice an overall thinning of hair atop the scalp? It’s interesting that three of the band members are brothers, and the fourth, Cameron, is their cousin. We inherit the genes for pattern balding from our family tree, and it’s possible that the Kings of Leon boys got lucky with their genetic lottery and do not carry the predisposition to pattern hair loss.

However, your family members keeping their hair is no solid guarantee that you yourself will not experience hair loss, so it does pay to be vigilant for the first signs of excess shedding. It’s possible to carry the baldness gene without expressing it, which means that the offspring of the various band members could experience hair loss, and even the band themselves may have to deal with a later than usual onset of pattern loss as they age.

It’s In The Family

So, if at any point down the line Kings of Leon notice the onset of pattern hair loss, what can they do to retain their rocker image? A clinically proven hair loss treatment plan that contains at least one of the two medications licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA to treat hair loss offers men the best chance of preventing baldness.

A combination of the DHT blocker Propecia and the topical hair growth stimulator minoxidil creates a truly comprehensive approach to hair loss treatment. Propecia works well for all over thinning, and minoxidil allows for targeted treatment, with Belgravia’s unique high strength minoxidil cream producing excellent results for Belgravia patients with stubborn hair loss.

Of course, a busy band like Kings of Leon don’t have time to spend an age on their hair each day, so a Belgravia home use treatment plan can be implemented in mere seconds. Alongside the two clinically proven medications, a variety of hair growth boosters can come in handy for improving the condition of existing hair and providing the ideal environment for hair regrowth.

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