George Bush Goes Bald to Honour Leukaemia Child

george bush senior shaves head for cancer patient patrick

After learning that the two year old son of a member of his security team was battling leukaemia, former president George Bush Snr decided to shave his head as part of a charity effort to raise money for Patrick's cancer treatment.

Members of the former leader's secret service detail have also been going bald for the good cause, after a staff member got the ball roiling by agreeing to shave his head in support of Patrick if someone would donate $500 to Patrick's Pals. Whilst Patrick's prognosis is "very positive" according to the website, it is expected that their will be years of treatment ahead.

Bald for a Great Cause

President Bush and his wife Laura lost their infant daughter Robin to leukaemia a number of decades ago in 1953, which may have influenced Bush's decision to join the fundraising effort. The fundraising team's website states that they will also be taking part in a motorcycle benefit run. You can donate online by following this link.

Needless to say, Bush's gesture went down well online, with current President Barack Obama' s office tweeting a picture of Bush and Patrick, urging supporters to show their support. Bill Clinton also chimed in, saying that he loved what Bush was doing and that he "looked great".

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Hair Loss from Cancer

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