fbpx Gail Porter Tackles Alopecia with a Mohawk
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Gail Porter Tackles Alopecia with a Mohawk


Gail Porter @ TangledA year ago, TV presenter Gail Porter thought her days of hairloss were behind her, but by November her Alopecia had returned. In the last few days, the star reported that her hair loss was speeding up – and that she was going to take action.

Ms. Porter posted on Twitter on Friday night, saying: “Hey everyone. Dilemma o’clock. My hair is falling out rapidly. Do I shave the last hair off and see if it regrows or just have hair as pics (show)?

“I’m thinking that shaving is the best option. Can’t bear the thought of another morning with a pillow full of hair. Shall I YouTube it?”

An hour later, she asked her boyfriend Jonny Davies to shave off the rest of hair – with the exception of a small Mohican at the front. She then posted a photo on Twitter with the caption: “It’s all gone!!!! Kept a Mohawk though.”
Ms. Porter’s hairdresser, Warren Holmes, was quick to reassure the star of hair re-growth after the photos of her newly-shaved head were made public.

He wrote: “Have you done it? Assuming I’m no longer your hairdresser anymore …”

Ms. Porter replied: “You will be!!!! Once it grows back. Too much was falling out.”

Mr. Holmes added: “Your hair was so thick just weeks ago, it will come back. It’s so sporadic.”

39-year-old Ms. Porter proved her sense of humour was still intact by debuting her new Mohawk at the London premiere for Tangled, a new Disney film about the long-haired fairy-tale character Rapunzel.

Ms. Porter first experienced Alopecia in 2005 when her fame was at its height. Doctors told the star it was likely she was suffering from stress related hair loss.

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