fbpx Gail Porter Pledges to Bounce Back from Hair Loss
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Gail Porter Pledges to Bounce Back from Hair Loss


Gail Porter Shaving HairFollowing her decision on Friday night to shave her head, television presenter Gail Porter has vowed to view her hair loss in a positive way, despite initial nerves.

At the premiere of new Disney film Tangled, Ms. Porter said: “I was extremely nervous this morning because I haven’t been out like this apart from Sainsbury’s. It’s a bit daunting but it’s fine. I’ve done it before and I’m just going to have to get used to it again.

“It’s actually growing back a bit where I shaved it. It was actually so patchy it was more distressing being like that, but it’s fine. Hopefully it will strengthen a bit.”

Ms. Porter added: “I don’t know why it’s happening again. The first time round, I blamed stress as I’d gone through a very dark time – I’d suffered an eating disorder, post-natal depression and had to deal with a divorce. Now, although I try not to let things get to me so much, I did feel pressure in the months leading up to Christmas, especially because Mum’s no longer here. I’ve been here before and it’s not the best, but it’s just one of those things and I have to get over it.”

Ms. Porter has suffered from Alopecia Universalis, the most acute form of Alopecia Areata, since 2005. There are few treatments that can help with Alopecia Universalis but, given that the hair follicles lie dormant rather than become dysfunctional, it is possible that the sufferer can experience hair re-growth.

As a result, the Scot has had an up-and-down time with the condition. Only last year, Ms. Porter’s hair was returning, only for it to start falling out again in the last few weeks. Last month, Ms. Porter posted on her Twitter account that four bald patches had appeared on her scalp and, after finding hair on her pillow, decided last Friday to shave her head, leaving only a Mohawk at the front.

The former model – who had long blonde hair before her Alopecia suddenly struck – has refused to wear wigs and headpieces, instead using her profile to increase public awareness of Alopecia.

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