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Future Baldness Cure Announced… But Do We Already Have One?


On Thursday of last week I was interviewed about the hype that had been circulating regarding discoveries in America of a gene that could possibly help to replace lost hair in bald men. Scientists have proven for the first time when testing on mice that it is possible to create entirely new follicles from which hairs can be grown, meaning it may be possible to replace hair follicles that have become dysfunctional in humans.

The Belgravia Centre featured on Channel 5 News The Belgravia Centre featured on Sky News
I talked to Sky News and Channel 5 about impact a future
cure for baldness would have, but also discussed the effective
treatments that are already available for hair loss.

Reports claim it will be 10 years before we can even begin to consider this ‘baldness cure’ becoming available, but what kind of a difference will it really make if and when it does come about?

As you will see in David Teather’s Guardian newspaper article; he explained how I was flinching with annoyance when I looked at a statement in an article I had ripped out of a newspaper. The statement read, ‘finally, a baldness cure that actually works’ – I have to say, statements like this do tend to get me hot under the collar. This statement is highly misleading to the general hair loss sufferer as it gives the impression that there is currently no hope – something that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Hair Loss Belgravia Centre
Click here to see the Guardian Newspaper Article about a possible hair loss cure

As I pointed out to Teather, there are a number of cures for ‘hair loss’ available already, although the only thing that could be disguised as a cure to ‘baldness’ at present is non-surgical hair replacement, better known as a toupee. So you may ask what the difference between hair loss and baldness is: A bald person is somebody who has lost all his or her hair (in the area that is affected by Male Pattern Hair Loss this would be the top of the head). We refer to ‘bald’ as the smooth areas of skin where hair once appeared but now appears shiny and absent of hair. However, a man or woman suffering from ‘hair loss’ can have thick and healthy locks of hair, be it for a limited amount of time! Over time his or her hair will slowly but surely become thinner and the scalp will become increasingly visible through the hair, leading to eventual baldness in the case of many men.

So when I refer to a ‘cure’ for hair loss I’m talking about effective treatments that can prevent most men and women from ever having to reach the stage of ‘baldness’ with the possibility of thickening up the hair if there has already been a degree of thinning. There are three proven hair loss treatments available and The Belgravia Centre fine tunes its hair loss treatment courses for each individual case, deciding on which of these treatments, and at what strength they will be most effective depending on the specific condition and stage of hair loss each person has reached.

We have found about 9 out of 10 men will experience hair loss stabilisation from the use of a Belgravia Centre ‘combination’ treatment course. By ‘combination’ I refer to a combination of the proven hair loss treatments, as well as added ‘boosters’ that increase the effectiveness of the ‘primary’ treatments. Treatment is also very effective for women suffering from various forms of female hair loss.

So in 10 years time, if further research proves that a cure for baldness is possible, would it really make a difference? I don’t think many young men or women would want to wait until they’re bald, or until their hair’s visibly thinner to do something about it so I believe hair loss sufferers will still seek preventative treatments. I do however imagine a cure to be an exciting prospect for those who have already lost their hair – ensuring areas of complete baldness could one day be replaced with thick and healthy hair. However, until a cure for baldness comes about (if ever) it is important that people who are worried about hair loss know that something can be done as long as they act sooner rather than later.

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