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Fundraiser Plans to Stay Bald Despite Regrowth Following Cancer


Businesswoman Sara Cutting has decided to stay bald after experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy, despite her hair starting to grow back.

Sara CuttingAfter surgery and post-operative treatment for breast cancer, Sara’s hair began to fall out – a common side effect of the 18-week chemotherapy course she underwent. So, taking control, she had her long blonde hair cut off and her head shaved for charity.

The 46-year-old has put a further positive spin on her illness by raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support through sharing daily pictures focusing on her bald head with her thousands of social media followers online.

Selfie campaign

Sara, director of a building and renovations company, celebrated her hairloss throughout her illness by taking a humorous selfie each day. She makes her own hats and headgear to pose in, using items including cakes, teapots and lampshades to create amusing pictures.

She explained her motivation: “Life has to go on and you have to find a way of coping, so this has been a really good focus for me. It’s a reason for me to get my make up on, get dressed and put on a big smile, no matter how I’m feeling.

The daily selfie experience, for Sara, has been “liberating”. After 142 days of posting, Sara has finished her chemotherapy treatment and is starting to see her hair grow back. But having raised a fantastic £15,000 for the cancer charity so far, she has found she is not ready to say goodbye to her bald look, and is planning to stick with the hair style.

Hair loss and chemotherapy

Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to attack cancer cells and disrupt their growth. This treatment can also have an effect on healthy cells in the body, including hair follicles. Disrupting these cells can lead to hair shedding, although the level experienced varies between patients. A recent study discovered a possible link that indicated hair loss from chemotherapy in some breast cancer patients may indicate a better chance of survival.

There are a number of treatments available for this type of hair fall, including wearing a cold cap, which can limit the amount of chemotherapy drugs that reach the scalp. Happily, most patients find that their hair grows back after the course of chemotherapy has finished.

Sara hopes her campaign will help raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage others check for signs of the disease. To make a donation, visit Sara’s JustGiving page.

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