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Frontal Baldness – How to Prevent and Regrow Frontal Hair Loss


Frontal balding, otherwise known as a receding hairline a widow’s peak or thinning edges, is one of the most common patterns of hair loss.

This will mostly affect men, but in some cases women can also experience a similar pattern of shedding, though often not for the same reason. This type of frontal hair loss in men is usually the result of a common condition called Male Pattern Baldness, which is a treatable condition.

How is Frontal Balding Treated?

Topical applications, used either once or twice daily as directed can help to encourage localised blood flow to increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to the affected areas, promoting hair growth.

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You can also view our receding hairline page for more information and photos of clients before and after starting their recommended treatment courses.

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What else can be done?

Find out about the Hair Loss Treatments available for men for a receding hairline or thinning crown.

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