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Freedom for Bald Men to Look Good


Man snatches toupee off law-makerIt tends to be the butt of most jokes but baldness is no laughing matter in Taiwan. A man who snatched the toupee off the head of ruling Nationalist Party lawmaker has been jailed for five months.

The Taipei District Court issued the sentence to 50 year-old Huang Yung-tien after ruling that he had deprived MP Chiu Yi of his freedom to look good.

Chiu went to file a complaint against former president Chen Shui-bian and Huang, leader of pro-Chen group, snatched the MP’s wig to reveal a mostly bald head.

“The judge thought Chiu Yi had the freedom to wear what he wanted, and Chiu felt the wig made him look prettier,” court spokesman Huang Chin-ming. “The judge thinks that to remove it intentionally was to take away that right.”

Huang believes the sentence is excessive. “I wasn’t careful,” he said. “Carelessness is so severe.”

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