Former Miss Delware Winner Educates Others About Alopecia

Kayla Martell first began to experience hair loss around the age of ten from Alopecia Areata. However Martell refused to let the experience ruin her self-confidence, entering the Miss Delaware beauty contest three times in the coming years. Despite one of the contest judges advising her she could never win Martell secured the title on her fifth attempt in 2010.

Kayla Martell Miss Delaware The Belgravia CentreAs winner of the Miss Delaware title, Kayla was also automatically entered into the Miss America pageant where she came in the top 10 finalists, further helping to elevate her profile. “To hear your name called for this job of a lifetime was incredible,” said Kayla, “and to go to the Miss America pageant was a dream come true.”

Martell is now working with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF), using her triumph to raise awareness of female hair loss. The NAAF have declared September as National Alopecia Awareness Month in the US and Kayla Martell has been using her profile to support and encourage other women in a similar situation. “My favourite part about being Miss Delaware is the opportunity to bring awareness to Alopecia Areata,” she said.

Since then she has tirelessly campaigned to raise awareness and funds for the NAAF. Most important of all for Kayla, is that people experiencing hair loss through Alopecia Areata “just want to be accepted and feel normal”.

Kayla with children The Belgravia CentreSo what is Alopecia?

Approximately 5 million US adults experience hair loss through Alopecia Areata at some stage in their lives and initially many are quite shocked and concerned. The NAAF campaigns widely to raise awareness of Alopecia Areata and its causes and treatments.

Alopecia Areata results in patchy hair loss in men and women although as yet no definitive cause has been identified. Stress, hormonal changes and chemicals are all recognised as potential causes, which sees hair follicles prematurely enter a “resting” state and the hair itself stop growing.

Treating Alopecia Areata

Mild to moderate, patchy alopecia areata in its early stages can be effectively treated. Unfortunately when the condition gets more serious it is more difficult to treat. Because the follicles never die, they just become inactive, there is always hope and in some cases the hair grows back on its own.

Belgravia has effectively treated hundreds of alopecia areata sufferers with high strength minoxidil. The product is produced as a cream which means it is easily applied directly to the affected areas and has proven successful at regrowing hair in many cases. Please view our alopecia regrowth photos to see the kind of results that are possible to those experiencing alopecia.

If you would like further information on how we can help you, contact us for a free consultation or fill in our online diagnositic form to obtain a course of home treatment that can be sent anywhere in the world.

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