Footballer-Turned-Actor, Frank Leboeuf on Bald Typecasting

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Frank Leboeuf

Former World Cup winner and Chelsea defender, the bald footballing legend Frank Leboeuf has returned to his first passion - acting.

Career Change

The Frenchman moved to Los Angeles for a couple of years where he took acting advice from fellow follicly challenged pals, Jason Statham and John Malkovich.

Now, after a string of low-key acting roles in both the theatre and films, Frank is starring as the leader of the French resistance in a newly released Second World War movie, called 'Allies'.

Appearing alongside popstar and 'I'm A Celebrity' winner, Matt Willis, the British film is an action drama that tells the story of an English parachute regiment who encounter the French resistance when dropped behind enemy lines to recover sensitive documents. You can get a taste of Leboeuf's performance in the Allies trailer, below.

Does Bald = Bad Guy?

Frank Leboeuf first shaved his head after his debut season at Chelsea FC, revealing a vicious, horizontal scar across the back of his head that stretched from ear to ear, which lead to rumours of a botched hair transplant.

Since starting his acting career in 2001, Leboeuf has found himself constantly playing villains, and has been killed off in half of his roles. But could this 'bad guy' typecasting be to do with his bald head? Frank isn't sure.

"It does seem that I die a lot in the parts that I get! ...Hopefully one day I’ll get in a film where I don’t get killed and make it to the end. But I think I could play a romantic guy. The parts that George Clooney and Brad Pitt get, though? Maybe not..."

When asked if he agreed with the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' comedian Larry David who claims bald people are a genuine minority group who experience discrimination, Leboeuf is quick to point out the benefits of being bald:

"I’ve never felt that, I must admit. I’ve been fortunate in my life, so I won’t start complaining that I’m in some bald minority group. Being bald is kind of fashionable now. And you don’t have to bother with hair care. You save time, and money on shampoo."

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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