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EDIT Footballer David Luiz Says He’s Found ‘Miracle Hair Loss Cure’


Standing in front of tens of thousands of supporters every weekend has a way of making footballers extremely image-conscious, and many would publicly admit that the idea of walking out of the tunnel with visible hair loss is the stuff of nightmares.

To combat this, a number of British players – Wayne Rooney being the most famous example – have turned to close-season hair restoration surgery as a solution. It is quite likely that many more, though, have quietly signed up for a hair regrowth and maintenance course at the first signs of thinning because the effects tend to be more gradual and less headline-grabbing.

This is certainly what stalwart Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger seemed to imply with his infamous rant about his Premiership footballers using hair loss treatment.

David Luiz is Known for his Hair Which Earned him the Nickname Sideshow Bob

David Luiz is known for his big hair which has earned him the nickname ‘Sideshow Bob’ after the Simpsons character (inset)

Shooting from the hip

Paris Saint-Germain defender and Brazil’s vice captain, David Luiz is known for his signature mane of curly hair which, during his spell at Chelsea FC, earned him the nickname ‘Sideshow Bob’ after the similarly big-haired Simpsons cartoon character.

However, the hirsute 28 year old appears to be planning on taking a rather different path to staving off male pattern hair loss demons: according to an interview in French newspaper Journal du Dimanche, he has found a doctor in Brazil who will take cells from the player’s hip and “relocate” them (presumably in his scalp) if and when his famous hair starts thinning.

I know I look crazy but I am not,” said Luiz. “My father is bald, but I have found a way to save my hair. I will do it, in 10 years it will be the solution for people who have lost their hair.”

Could this be the treatment Luiz means?

While the defender doesn’t go into further details, his words help illustrate what an incredible era of discovery we are currently in in terms of hair loss research and the development of new treatments.

Thanks to various breakthroughs, clinically-proven male hair loss treatments finasteride 1mg and minoxidil can be used to reverse thinning hair; high strength minoxidil has been seen to produce significant regrowth results for Belgravia clients with a receding hairline.

Minoxidil DropperHowever, despite the immediate availability of these treatments, studies around the world continue to look into improving and developing a variety of potential new treatments for male pattern baldness and many hair loss conditions.

One such example is a liposuction-based treatment that is currently in the throes of a clinical trial in the USA and is broadly similar to the one that Ruiz describes. It involves removing fat from the hip area via liposuction, enriching it using stem-cells then injecting the resulting solution back into the patient’s scalp in a similar manner to platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Organised by Kerastem Technologies LLC of San Diego, the research is based around exploring cell-enriched adipose (fat tissue) as a future treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia in both men and women. The company, which is drawing on the expertise of its sister company which specialises in fat-grafting- states that there is an ’emerging relationship’ between the body’s fat tissue, adipose, and hair.

Although this new type of treatment is still in the early stages of development, David Luiz need not worry about hair loss. For starters, just because his father was bald does not necessarily mean he will also lose his hair. And secondly, as our numerous Male Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories show, if Luiz does start to notice he’s receding and wants to tackle his hair loss, there are a number of ways in which trained specialists can help him using effective treatments that are already available.

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