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Football Pundit Pat Nevin Has Hair Transplant to Save TV Career

Former Scotland winger turned football pundit Pat Nevin has revealed how his recent hair restoration was undertaken after a TV producer advised him that dealing with his hair loss would be a good idea if he wanted to keep his job in front of the camera.

Pat Nevin in his Footballing DaysTransplant for career reasons

Male Pattern Baldness had steadily robbed the former player of the vibrant mop of hair he once sported back in his footballing glory days when he played for Chelsea, Everton and Tranmere Rovers, among others. Fifty-two year old Nevin, talking to The Scotsman, recently revealed how he was encouraged to put things right with his receding hairline.

It was not a style consideration,” he told the newspaper, “it was just suggested by a producer: ‘You’ll lose your job if you don’t get it done’.”

Nevin’s response, he says, was to welcome the advice rather than take offence. He sprang into action and signed up for a hair transplant in Dublin at the same clinic Louis Walsh visited after his X Factor boss, Simon Cowell made a similar suggestion.

Speaking about how his own hair restoration procedure came about, Walsh told The Mirror: “Simon Cowell said, ‘Louis, darling, you’re losing your hair’. To which I replied, ‘No I’m not, Simon. I’ve got a full head of hair, thank you very much’. But he insisted, ‘You’re starting to lose it Louis’. He showed me what people saw as the camera came up behind me and – as usual – he was right. I could see a bald spot starting to form at the back. Simon then said, ‘Louis, you should get it fixed now rather than when you’ve gone completely bald’.”

Pat Nevin Before his Hair Transplant

Pat Nevin Before his Hair Transplant

Today’s players have it easier

Nevin is by no means the only former or current footballer to seek out the skills of a specialist surgeon: Wayne Rooney has famously had at least two hair transplants, while Celtic’s Anthony Stokes and Leigh Griffiths have also both gone under the knife – or, more accurately, the tiny ‘punch’ device.

Using what looks like a little like a dentist’s drill, surgeons lift out donor follicles from spots on a patient’s head where growth is still strong and implant it where it is needed. By doing this to transplant thousands of grafts, new patches of hair can be created as required.

Whilst in cases where a man wants to rectify long term, advanced signs of male hair loss it will depend on the quality of his hair follicles as to which is the best option.

In those whose follicles have been severely compromised by the DHT which causes genetic balding, sometimes the surgical approach is the only remaining option to restore the hair. However, following a treatment regime consisting of clinically-proven male hair loss treatments is an important part of the on-going aftercare in order to preserve these results and prevent further shedding.

In Nevin’s playing days, the oral treatment finasteride 1mg was considered a ‘banned substance’ so footballers in his day had less options for early intervention than today’s sporting superstars. Both finasteride and high strength minoxidil – the recommended treatment for a receding hairline – are approved for use by professional sportsmen, as well as amateur ones!

In many cases, men in their 40s and 50s have been impressed by the regrowth results they have seen from following comprehensive Belgravia pharmaceutical treatment courses for male hair loss, complemented by hair growth boosters like the HairMax LaserComb, supplements such as Hair Vitalics, and also clinical treatment therapy.

Hopefully Pat Nevin will be following just such a course as part of his maintenance programme as he’s already hit one stumbling block following his operation that treatments may help him with: “The funny thing is I didn’t want to get the back done, just the front,” he explained. “And now I am doing the thing on Sportscene where I am standing discussing tactics by a big TV screen so I need to turn around – and you can see a bald patch!

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