Football Player ‘Would Not Change’ Her Alopecia Areata Baldness

Posted by Mike Peake

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Sarrah Would Not Trade Her Baldness

A much-heard refrain amongst people who have lost their hair - either all or some - to Alopecia Areata is that they have come to terms with it. Rarely, however, does someone say that they embraced it from day one.

But Sarrah Ludwig, a female football player in the US, is an exception to the rule. Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, she confidently states that she has accepted her hair loss ever since it first struck when she was just three.

From the very beginning, she says, she has refused to wear wigs or cover up her baldness, thought to be from Alopecia Universalis, in any way. “Honestly, I have embraced every second of it and I would not change anything,” she says.

Today, she plays Division 1 soccer for Valparaiso University in Indiana and is one of their star players, having slotted home the winning goal in a crucial match last season.

'Take me as I am'

Sarrah’s “take me as I am” approach to her hair loss is a remarkable and little-heard one, as Alopecia Areata typically knocks people for six when they find that they have the condition. There aren’t usually any clues as to who, how or when it may strike, and many understandably find the patchy (or sometimes more severe) hair loss that comes with it very difficult to deal with.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Alopecia

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