Football Manager Pep Guardiola Explains His Hair Loss

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Bayern Munich football coach, Pep Guardiola has explained why he decided to accept his hair loss and shave his head... although we think he may be joking.

Jerome Boateng with Pep GuardiolaAvoiding temptation

According to the German team's manager said his baldness was a way to avoid having a haircut like mohawk-sporting defender Jerome Boateng.

"I lost my hair so I did not have the temptation to have Boateng's hairstyle!" Guardiola told a recent press conference, "That's why I decide, 'okay, lose the hair, now the problem is done'."

Then, after throwing the former Manchester City player a knowing look and cheeky grin, he went back to answering questions about the team's pre-season tour of China and DFL Supercup tournament.

Hair loss headlines

This is not the first time Guardiola's male pattern baldness has attracted media coverage.

Previous jibes about the 44 year old losing his hair, made by rival manager, Jose Mourinho, 52, also made headlines. The Chelsea FC boss opined, “If you enjoy what you’re doing, you don’t lose your hair. He’s got a bald head. Guardiola doesn’t enjoy football.”

Incidentally, Mourinho's own hair was in the press this week after the 'silver fox' said that he would never hide his grey hair"In life, I rarely say never but I will never try to hide my white hairs," the Special One told London's Evening Standard. "I don't see the white hairs as a sign of wins or defeats. White hairs are a sign that some years have gone by and I've matured."

The swarthy Spaniard, meanwhile, has opted to deal with his hair loss by sporting a closely shaven head with only his dark stubble showing. It's a look that suits him but one that many other men often feel they do not have the confidence - or head shape - to pull off. Legendary comedic actor John Cleese famously decided to address his thinning with a hair transplant - his reasoning? "Because I have got a very strange shaped head. It’s very pointy. And I don’t like wearing wigs".

Scoring some hair

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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