Football Fans Speculate About Dimitar Berbatov’s Hair Loss

Posted by Mike Peake

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Former Manchester United and Spurs striker Dimitar Berbatov set tongues a-wagging at the high-spirited Soccer Aid 2016 match at Old Trafford on Sunday, with his apparent recovery from hair loss scoring almost as much excitement as his two goals for the Rest Of The World team.

The one-time Bulgarian international player, last seen with Greek club PAOK, was sporting rather luscious locks that were a dramatic contrast to the short, thinning hair style he seemed to be sporting a few years ago prompting several football fans, a few of whom can be seen below, to tweet that he must have “paid a visit to the Belgravia Centre.”

Dimitar Berbatov HairHair loss treatment for men

Hair loss treatment is indeed a possible explanation for Berbatov's increased hair density and the filling in of his receding hairlinewhich have been becoming gradually more apparent since around the summer of 2015 when the 35 year old shaved his head.

Many men who have lost or are losing hair to the genetic condition Male Pattern Baldness choose to reverse what nature has in store with a bespoke hair loss treatment course. In a high percentage of cases, this turns out to be very successful, with results typically starting to be seen within three to six months after treatment begins, depending on how advanced the thinning was initially.

As hair loss treatment using clinically-proven products is very discreet and the results are usually quite gradual, it is the preferred option of many men, who are able to turn the tides on genetics in a way that doesn’t arouse much attention. This is even true of those dealing with stubborn areas - such as a receding hairline - which Belgravia has seen frequent successes with through using bespoke recommendations of high strength minoxidil from the various formulations available at our in-clinic pharmacies.

Another way that men can reclaim a full head of hair is with a hair transplant, something that Berbatov may have considered given his shaven look earlier last summer during the football close-season. Of course he may have just decided to experiment with a cut that may conceal his hair loss and decided that the look was not for him.

Tweets About Dimitar Berbatov and the Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic - Soccer Aid

Various ways of tackling hair loss

Footballer Wayne Rooney famously chose the surgical option - twice, in fact - as did Robbie Williams, the event's creator and a mainstay of the England team at Soccer Aid who briefly played at the weekend. Unusually, Williams took the step of having a pre-emptive hair transplant he told Graham Norton a couple of years ago that he did it because he had three months off and was “bored”, but that he wasn’t really in need of one.

Other players on the pitch at the Soccer Aid match have all faced hair-related issues differently. Former The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright one of England’s best players on the night is thought to have dealt with the beginnings of a receding hairline that had been troubling him by signing up for a male hair loss treatment course.

Kasabian guitarist Sergio “Serge” Pizzorno, meanwhile, famously conceals his hair beneath a hat though it was revealed by a friend of his two years ago that he had taken steps to deal with hairloss on the top of his head.

Then there is Take Me Out presenter Paddy McGuinness, who has opted to keep his hair clipped short to mask his thinning crown and vertex. This, of course, is also the solution that has served actor Jason Statham so well.

While Berbatov’s new look certainly seems to have taken years off him, it sadly couldn’t stop the Rest Of The World missing out on a victory at Old Trafford. Despite the player’s two goals for his side, the Rest Of The World were beaten by England 3-2 although the £5.4 million that the match raised for Unicef will no doubt have dulled the disappointment somewhat.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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