Five Year Old Donates Hair to Little Princess Trust

Five year old Karla Buckley, from Widnes near Liverpool, is generously donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust. The young girl has had her very long hair, pictured here, cut to shoulder-length.

The shorn locks will be sent to the national charity which uses donations of both hair and money to produce real hair wigs for children with hair loss.

Five year old donates hair to the Little Princess Trust charityGenerous donation


Karla's mother, Dawn explained the decision. She said, “It is just because her hair is too long and we can’t do anything with it. We showed her the website of the Little Princess Trust and she started crying and she said, ‘I just want to make the little girls happy’”. Karla adds, "I wanted to have my hair cut to make the other little boys and girls very happy with my hair".

Hair loss can be difficult for young children to cope with and high-quality wigs of a suitable size can be hard to find. Since it began in 2006, the charity has provided more than 2,700 boys and girls with bespoke, high quality wigs throughout the UK and Ireland. Usually the children have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy treatment for cancer or from alopecia.


Exceeded fundraising target


In addition to her gifting her hair, Karla has also been fundraising for the charity. Her JustGiving page shows that she is currently smashing her target of £350, with contributions exceeding £450.

Dawn describes herself as “totally proud” of her daughter, and finds it “overwhelming” that she has taken the charity’s cause so much to heart.


Charitable cause


The Little Princess Trust works with specialist suppliers to create wigs from real hair tailored to match the child’s own hair type and colour.

Karla’s fundraising will make an important contribution for the Trust to buy specialist wigs for children, where a suitable donated-hair wig cannot be sourced. This is particularly important for children with afro hair as these wigs cannot be made from hair that is sent in.

If you are interested in finding out how to donate your hair to the Little Princess Trust, or would like more information on the work the charity does, you can visit


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