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Five Foods for Healthy Hair Growth


Good nutrition isn’t just essential for keeping your weight under control and your immune system in check. They say you are what you eat and when it comes to our hair, what we do and don’t feed it is probably more important than the products we put on it. Everyone knows by now the importance of getting your five a day but people are still unsure of the role nutrition plays in hair loss or which foods are good for hair growth. So here’s a list for you…


You need adequate protein for healthy hair because hair is made primarily of protein and when it comes to eggs, it doesn’t matter if you prefer them scrambled, poached or fried (although the latter is the least healthy option) – they’re one of the best sources of protein you can find. Without enough protein, hair can become weak, brittle and susceptible to thinning caused by breakage.


Low iron levels can lead to fatigue, a pale complexion and hair loss. You shouldn’t overdo it but try to get your teeth into a lean piece of steak three times a week to take advantage of the most easily absorbed source of iron. Or, if you’re vegetarian, lentils, chickpeas, spinach and wholegrains are also top sources of iron.


Wondering how all those extra hairs are ending up on your shirt? You may need to increase your intake of zinc. Oysters are rich in this essential mineral which plays a vital role in cell reproduction, hormonal balance and proper absorption of vitamins – all of which are pivotal in preventing thinning hair and loss.


Whether you prefer it tinned or fresh, tuna is an all-round power food for healthy hair, boasting also a high quantity of protein, magnesium, potassium, and a host of B vitamins, pivotal to healthy hair growth. It’s also one of the best sources of the essential fatty acid omega-3, which will help keep your hair naturally conditioned.

onion hair loss remedyOnions

These sulphur-packed gems will have you in tears of joy as they work wonders on your hair. Also known as the beauty mineral, sulphur aids in good blood circulation and lessens skin inflammation, which can help to prevent hair loss and maintain growth. Our hair, skin, and nails have the greatest concentration of sulphur so adding onion to your stir-fries, salads or serving it up with grilled chicken, cheese (both sulphur rich foods) and wholegrain toast (for extra iron) will up your intake and help keep your natural accessories looking their best. They will not work when applied directly to the head, however, which seems to be a popular hair loss treatment myth.

A word of the wise though – hair loss is a complex matter and will always require a professional diagnosis if you’re to get the right advice and hair loss treatment to correct the problem. Heredity is the most common culprit when it comes to hair loss, but one cannot discount the role of nutrition in healthy hair growth.

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*These foods contain essential daily nutrients and minerals but remember to eat a well-balanced diet.

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