Lifestyle and Fitness Habits for Healthy Hair

Ensuring your hair stays healthy is about far more than just the products you use. Your lifestyle and fitness habits can have a significant impact on the condition and strength of your hair too. Here are some fitness habits we should all take up in order to keep your hair in top condition

Advice on Fitness Habits For Healthy Hair from The Belgravia CentreTake regular exercise

Exercising regularly

is the best way to maintain a healthy heart and good circulation, which can help improve the scalp's blood flow. This in turns aids in delivering essential nutrients to your hair follicles to keep hair strong and healthy, whilst promoting new growth. It doesn't matter what kind of exercise you do, whether you join a gym, take up running or prefer a dance class, as long as you get your heart racing and your blood pumping!

Eat a balanced diet

Hair needs vitamins and minerals in order to grow strong and healthy. Lack of essential minerals can cause conditions which lead to hair loss, such as iron-deficiency anaemia. Restrictive diets particularly those which eliminate entire food groups - could rob your hair of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, and you may notice thinning hair or patchy hair loss. Ensure you include plenty of natural sources of iron in your diet, such as red meat, eggs and leafy green vegetables, as well as plenty of protein and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Get some shut-eye


A good night's sleep is important not only for your energy levels and concentration, but also for your hair. Sleep is a time when the body restores itself, and lack of sleep can lead to elevated stress levels, which could cause thinning hair or hair loss. Aim for between six to nine hours a night to ensure you feel your best. For those who have trouble relaxing, a lavender pillow mist or soothing music can help you drift off to sleep, as can turning off devices such as your computer and mobile phone an hour before bedtime.

Reduce your stress levels

Stressful life events happen to all of us and can impact our looks, including our hair.

Celebrity Gail Porter experienced Alopecia Areata after the breakup of her relationship and has since become an ambassador for alopecia charities, raising awareness of the condition.

Everyday stress is as much a factor as significant life events, and reducing your stress levels can help to protect you against hair loss conditions such as Telogen Effluvium. Unwind with relaxation techniques or try gentle, regular exercise which is proven to help reduce stress levels.

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