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Considering Finasteride for hair loss? Read this first

Most people nowadays search the Internet for solutions to health problems and there’s a lot of information out there. But frankly, finding the right path to treat male pattern baldness is quite simple because there are really only two effective treatments available.

Propecia is a proven hair loss treatment for men, approved as safe for use to treat male pattern baldness by the FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration). The active ingredient in propecia is Finasteride.

Finasteride isn't approved for hair loss, pic courtesy derek7272 on Flickr

Taken as a 1mg daily pill, tests show over 83% of men experiencing male hair loss might expect to maintain or increase their hair count and their appearance.

We think we can improve on that.

Minoxidil is the only other FDA approved drug for hair loss treatment. Because it works in a different way, we can combine the two and take advantage of both effects. We also add anti-androgens ‘Medroxyprogesterone’ (MPG) or ‘Azelaic Acid’ (AA) to our Minoxidil as we have found that improves the effects of Minoxidil.

In fact, it turns out that choosing the dosage of Minoxidil has a big effect on the outcome. And it’s not just the dosage that needs to be chosen wisely. Propecia and Minoxidil can be combined with other compounds and treatments, for instance a lasercomb or Hair Vitalics (free with most courses of treatment from the Belgravia Centre), that improve effectiveness even further. And proper independent monitoring (not just an occasional look in the mirror) using scalp photographs with consistent lighting can show progress and help inform changes to the treatment, along with discussion of any adverse effects.

So, let’s be clear:

1) There are only two proven treatments for hair loss, Propecia and Minoxidil. Nothing else is backed up by proper scientific tests to prove they work or are safe.
2) If you want the best chance of success, it’s not as simple as just taking the pills and applying the creams. Your best chance of keeping your hair is to use the skills and long experience of a professional hair loss clinic where a custom treatment program can be designed to suit your exact circumstances and preferences in order to maximise results to their optimum potential.

So the only question is where to go for treatment. Well, we’ve done the legwork for you. We sent out secret shoppers to the London hair loss centres and… well you know we wouldn’t have done that if we didn’t think we offer the best treatment and value, so big surprise, The Belgravia Centre came out the best by quite a long way.

For a no-obligation diagnosis and treatment plan, contact us for a free consultation at our London hair los clinic or complete our online hair loss diagnosis form.

* A word of warning. Propecia is the only form of finasteride that is available legally for hair loss, any other form of finasteride (for example Proscar) is unsafe and unlicensed to treat hair loss. If you come across any organisation prescribing Proscar or any form of finasteride other than Propecia for the treatment of hair loss, it should be reported to the MHRA immediately. Alternatively inform us directly and we will pursue the matter.

(Finasteride pic courtesy derek7272 on Flickr, some rights reserved)

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