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Fernando Torres’ Loss of Form Blamed on Haircut!

Spanish football fans are hilariously blaming natural-born goal-scorer Fernando Torres’ recent lack of form on his new haircut. The 26-year-old former teen prodigy, who plays for Liverpool FC in the Premier League, as well as internationally for his world-cup winning team, recently chopped off his trademark bleached locks in favour of a shorter (and some would say, more manly) cropped look.

However, fan forums suggest that his new image and his recent poor showing are related, as if, Samson-like, his loss of hair has robbed him of his power! Torres was dropped from the starting line-up for Spain’s semi-final against Germany, and only managed a lacklustre fifteen minutes, marred by injury, in Sunday’s victorious World Cup final against Netherlands.

This superstitious notion may have caused much amusement among pundits – and no doubt will be forgotten the moment Torres regrows his hair, regains his form or indeed scores a winning goal – but it does highlight how we tend to unconsciously associate vigorous hair growth with male virility. This may put added pressure on men experiencing hair loss, whose confidence and self-esteem are damaged by their changing appearance.

Sadly, those who seek help for hairloss can be vulnerable to false marketing claims by companies whose products are ineffective and even unsafe. You can view our hair loss awareness page for important information about ethical trading and licensed products.

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The specialists at the Belgravia Centre may combine Propecia and Minoxidil with various hair growth boosters or scalp treatments; our natural supplement, Hair Vitalics, is designed to be used as part of a comprehensive programme. While other companies promote natural products as a stand-alone treatment, there is little evidence that they will be effective unless combined with proven medication, whatever the sales pitch may suggest.

The Belgravia Centre is home to the only pharmacy dedicated solely to trichological products in the UK, which means we are able to prescribe and provide medically proven medications as part of your individual treatment course. You can contact us on 020 7730 6666 to arrange a free consultation with one of our specialists, who can advise you on the most effective treatment for your particular hair loss condition. Alternatively, send us a message with any enquiry you might have. If you are not able to visit the London clinic, you can complete the online diagnostic form and one of our treatment advisors will be happy to recommend a home-use treatment course that is right for you.

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