fbpx Fern Britton Tweets Gym Pic: Is Her Hair Thinning?
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Fern Britton Tweets Gym Pic: Is Her Hair Thinning?


fern britton without make up hair thinningTV host Fern Britton bravely posted pictures of herself post-work out at the gym today on social networking site Twitter, and appeared more than a little bedraggled as she recuperated after a spinning class. Smiling and clearly feeling good after her workout, the star, who has previously had a gastric band fitted, positively glowed with health.

However, the ex This Morning presenter was betrayed slightly by her apparent hair loss, and her hair appeared straggly and sparse following her gym session. At the age of 55, it’s possible that Fern is experiencing female pattern hair loss, a  genetic condition that causes hair to thin on the top of the scalp, though hair at the back and the sides is not affected.

Tweeting Gyming…

The reason behind this type of thinning is the androgen DHT, which causes follicular miniaturisation. If you have a genetic predisposition to being affected by DHT, the onset of pattern hair loss leads follicles to produce thinner, weaker ‘babylike’ hair, leading to an overall thinning. Eventually, if left untreated, follicles can stop producing hair completely, but it takes a while to reach this stage.

If Fern is noticing a general thinning all over the scalp, however, it may be that she’s experiencing diffuse thinning. This condition is not genetic and the root cause needs to be treated to prevent it from continuing. From nutrient deficiencies to thyroid and hormonal problems, your GP should be able to help diagnose the problem.

…Or Tweeting Thinning?

Once rectified, hair should begin to grow back on its own, but a hair loss treatment programme can help if it appears to be struggling to return to its previous lustre. Whether diffuse thinning or pattern hair loss is affecting Fern’s hair, any effective treatment would need to contain minoxidil: the only hair loss treatment for women that has been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA, the UK and US medical regulatory bodies respectively.

Minoxidil is applied topically to the thinning area twice a day, and works by stimulating regrowth even in damaged hair follicles. It is available in a variety of strengths up to our unique high strength minoxidil creams, and also contains other active ingredients that appear to be block DHT when applied locally. This dual pronged approach gives women like Fern the best possible chance of halting further thinning and regrowing lost hair.

Minoxidil is complemented by a variety of other treatment boosters such as nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics and the FDA cleared LaserComb, which can stimulate faster regrowth. All aspects of a Belgravia bespoke treatment programme are carefully compiled by your dedicated hair loss specialist, who is on hand for the entirety of your treatment programme should you require any assistance or support.

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