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FDA Clear LaserComb for the Treatment of Genetic Male Hair Loss

Laser Comb SE £245 or free with most treatment courses, Laser Comb Premium £335:

The Hair Max Laser Comb has finally been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss in men. This means that after clinical studies it has been found that the Hair Max Laser Comb safely promotes hair loss stabilisation and hair re-growth for those suffering from male hair loss. Combined with a Belgravia treatment course consisting of the primary medications for male hair loss, the Hair Max Laser Comb makes Belgravia’s already incomparable combination hair loss treatment courses even more effective!

Belgravia are currently offering a free Laser Comb with most treatment courses purchased – visit the following post for more details – FREE LASERCOMB OFFER.

The Hair Max Laser Comb is available in two different devices; the cheaper ‘Laser Comb Compact SE’ device, which is the smaller model and has only 5 beams, or the ‘Laser Comb Premium’ device which is slightly larger and has 9 beams. The Laser Comb Compact SE device involves 15-20 minutes of slow combing of the hair whilst the Laser Comb Premium device involves 10-15 minutes of slow combing, each 3 times per week.


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21st May, 2007 at 8:50 pm

S Cher

Hi Recently i have noticed that i have just thining hair its embarassing to be without extensions. I started using extensions around 9 months ago. They gave me a new lease of life. However i had been on a diet for about 4 months and that made my hair even worse. I dont believe there is a cure. I think i will just have to wear a wig at some stage.

21st May, 2007 at 9:38 pm


Hi Serinda, thanks for your comment. If the hair loss was sudden it could have been due to your diet and could have been temoprary, but if it is still affecting you then theres a strong possibility it could be on-going. The Laser Comb may be beneficial for your hair loss, or another form of treatment, perhaps a treatment course consisting primarily of minoxidil + MPG. A combination of the two would be most effective and Hair Vitalics is a booster that is particularly beneficial for women's hair loss. If you are worried about losing your hair I would advise you give it a try before giving up hope, especially if you have not already tried using treatment.

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