Famous Women With Hair Loss

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Think of bald male celebrities and you’re sure to come up with quite a list of heart throbs Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Patrick Stewart are just a few examples of how a balding pate can create a sexy, masculine image.

Long flowing locks are considered to be a sign of youth and beauty, so it can often be harder for women to deal with the onset of any type of hair loss. However, these gorgeous female celebrities show that it’s not just men who can look great whilst experiencing hair loss.

Gail Porter

Top of the list has to be TV presenter Gail Porter. With her cute, cheeky persona and broad Scottish accent, Gail has always been a pin-up favourite, posing as a model for men’s magazines and other publications in her youth.

In 2005, Gail started to notice hair loss after the breakup of her marriage and was diagnosed with alopecia totalis, a condition which causes total hair loss and can be brought on by extreme stress.

Gail has always refused to wear a wig or hat and has used her condition to raise awareness, becoming an ambassador for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides wigs to children experiencing hair loss.

Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell always looks stunning; she has her own unique style and always appears to be polished to perfection. Recently however, Naomi has been photographed with several bald patches and has also been seen sporting a weave, with rumours suggesting she may be experiencing traction alopecia. This is usually caused by continuous use of hair extensions and glue but can also be caused by wearing your hair in very tight hairstyles. If left unchecked, it can lead to permanent damage.

Despite her hair loss, Naomi still looks as beautiful as ever, although hopefully she will abandon her weave for a more natural look.

Victoria Beckham

Rarely photographed without her high heels and makeup, celebrity Victoria Beckham experienced bald patches after years of wearing hair extensions. Victoria is known for her constantly changing hairstyles, but excessive use of heavy extensions led to her experiencing the early stages of traction alopecia.

Victoria still looks beautiful and stylish, although these days she seems to favour a shorter, sleeker hairstyle which not only enhances her features but is also far healthier for her hair.

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