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If you’re a woman battling hair loss you’re not alone 40% of hair loss occurs in women and it affects people in all walks of life. Because of cultural norms and ideas about hair and femininity, women’s hair loss is devastating and even celebrity women will do what they can to keep their personal secret under wraps. Nearly all of them have at least dabbled with hair enhancement systems from wigs and hairpieces to extensions and weaves. It may seem normal to see female celebrities donning a wig or wearing weaves but could they be using such measures to hide a hair loss condition?

Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, and Sinead O’Connor have all been rumoured to suffer from hair loss. Tina’s rarely seen without her wig and rumour has it that she suffers from alopecia universalis.
Gail Porter continues to raise awareness of alopecia areataIt’s a rare condition that usually starts out as alopecia areata(which is reversible in some cases) but if left unattended will progress and result in the loss of all body hair. Unfortunately there is no known cure or treatment for alopecia totalis and hair replacement is the most suitable option for women with this condition.

Another personality who’s suffered the same debilitating form of hair loss is Gail Porter. Going completely bald would break many women but the TV presenter and formal model who has battled depression in the past, opted to maintain her high profile and shun the wigs to raise awareness of the condition.

Dolly Parton can't manage her hair styles with her own thin hair As for Dolly Parton, the down-to-earth country girl admitted she started wearing wigs in 2002 when her hair started to thin. She said it became so fine she that she could no longer work it into the glamorous hairstyles she’s so famous for.

Hair loss in women is almost always stabilised and reversed when proven hair loss treatments are administered in the right dose for each person and are supported by various hair growth boosters, although Dolly had her reasons for opting for a hairpiece.

"It got to be fun for me, a conversational piece," she said. "But this is how I think I look the best. I'm not a natural beauty, and this is just the look I chose."

Most women will experience thinning hair at some point in their life. Our hair is an indication of our overall health so it’s very common for women to encounter excessive shedding which can be the result of anything from stress and poor nutrition, to the contraceptive pill and childbirth.

Geena Davis and Debra Messing received a lot of publicity over her post-baby hair loss and it’s highly likely that most Hollywood mums went through the same phase. Even Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson’s enviable locks probably suffered the typical hormonally induced changes that happen during pregnancy. The good news for most women is that any hair loss after childbirth usually corrects itself within a few months without the need for treatment.

Natalie Portman was a bald bombshellSome women on the other hand choose to bare all. For instance, Sinead O’Connor set a trend when she shaved her head and proved that bald really can be beautiful (but you’ve got to wonder whether she opted to chop before the going got tough), and other female celebs have followed suit for one reason or another. Natalie Portman carried off her bald look with ease in V for Vendettaand Demi Moore sent tongues wagging went she shaved her head for and GI Jane. Then there was Britney Spears who shaved her head just for the heck of it (although the popstress went on to conceal her naked scalp with a vast collection of wigs and hairpieces).

The thing celebrities and ordinary people with hair loss have in common is that they need to be treated before the hair is gone for good and they end up needing an expensive Hollywood makeover. It’s plain to see that hair loss can be just as personal to a celebrity as it is to the girl next door, and while some Hollywood stars will shave their head for a role, very few would actually choose to lose their hair.
Cameron Diaz - scared to go baldCameron Diaz couldn't even part with her blonde locks for a part in the upcoming film My Sisters Keeper, prefering to take the safe route with a bald cap instead.

But the thing is, women’s hair loss can be effectively reversed with medical hair loss treatments and easily hidden with high quality hair enhancement and replacement systems. So unless the paparazzi get very sneaky or one of these female celebs decides to endorse a hair loss product in an infomercial, we’ll just have to keep guessing about the state of their hair. Not that it’s really any of our business or is something that should define a person Dolly Parton for one hopes people can see past all that.

“I hope people see the brain underneath the wig and the heart beneath the boobs,” she once said.

If you're worried about hair loss, contact the Belgravia Centre and talk to a hair loss specialist or fill in the online diagnostic form to find out what's causing it and what can be done.

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