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Falcao Showing Signs of a Receding Hairline?

Former Manchester United forward, Radamel Falcao has made some changes during the close season. As well as moving to Chelsea FC on a season-long loan, the Columbian has also gone for the chop, ditching his signature long locks for a shorter look.

Whilst the player’s hair still looks thick and lustrous, photos shared to announce Falcao’s new look on Instagram appear to show some early signs of hair loss.

Falcao Shows off his New Haircut on InstagramDip in form

Whilst Falcao clearly has a great head of hair, if what looks like the start of thinning hair around the front of his hairline does turn out to be a receding hairline, his loan spell at Man U from Monaco could be to blame.

The 29 year old experienced a dip in form after his move to the legendary northern club, which must have been a source of on-going anxiety. According to the Daily Mail, the footballer has even reportedly taken a 50% wage cut to join Chelsea in order to prove himself.

Given the pressure players at top flight clubs experience, the frustration of not playing well can cause further stress.  So, with stress-related hair loss being a valid concern, could Falcao’s dip in form be reflected in his hairline?

Male pattern baldness can certainly be exacerbated or triggered by stress in those who are genetically predisposed to the hereditary hair loss condition. However, without examining him and just going by these photos, it is hard to tell if Falcao really is experiencing hairloss or if it is simply a trick of the light. We will be monitoring this throughout the coming seasons to see how his hairline develops.

Father’s advice

Radamel Falcao Pictured With his FatherRadamel Falcao was recently pictured pre-haircut, with his father, as seen here, who shows no signs of male hair loss. Although a recent study found that fathers are more likely to pass on the ‘balding’ gene, it is also possible for it to be inherited from the mother’s side of the family. So, if there is a history of baldness on his mother’s side, this doesn’t mean Falcao should count himself out of the running.

When speaking to panamericanworld.com, Radamel Senior revealed some advice he gave his son about his career – which could equally be applied to dealing with hairloss.

Life is not easy; I’ve always told him that he has to fight to get what he wants,” he said.  “There are two ways: the short one and the long one. When you get things easy, they don’t last longer, but when you fight to achieve things with your sweating forehead, then you value your things.”

Whilst some players – notably Wayne Rooney and, according to the football rumour mill, Cesc Fabregas – may choose to deal with thinning by getting a close season hair transplant, if this isn’t preceded and followed up with consistent use of hair loss treatments, it is unlikely to give the required results.

Jose Mourinho and Minoxidil May Both Be Able to Help FalcaoMinoxidil – and Mourinho

By dealing with the source of his stress and, if necessary, taking proactive steps to prevent hair loss, Falcao could keep his hair game strong.

The former UEFA top scorer is hoping to find his form again under Jose Mourinho‘s expert tutelage, which would help him regain his confidence and ease stress. But even the lauded Chelsea manager can’t do everything!

Preventative male hair loss treatment courses featuring clinically-proven components including minoxidil can tackle hair loss early on.

Personally tailored by a dedicated hair loss specialist to suit each client’s level and pattern of shedding, these treatments are suitable for amateur and professional sportsmen alike. They can also be complemented by a range of hair growth boosters which, together, can help to kick hair loss into touch before it becomes noticeable.

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