Fake Hair Loss Treatments Cause Permanent Damage

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Reports have been circulating recently of unscrupulous ‘beauty doctors’ who have been preying on women in Saudi Arabia, offering medications and hair loss treatments which have turned out not only to be fake, but also potentially  dangerous. The Al-Watan Arabic daily newspaper described the case of ‘Fatima’ who approached a so-called ‘beauty doctor’ for advice about her hair loss condition with devastating effects.

Diagnosed with a form of Alopecia, Fatima sought advice from the hairdresser at her local beauty salon in Riyadh where she was prescribed a garlic-based hair rub to be used on her scalp. After applying the solution, Fatima immediately began to experience irritation of her scalp that went on to damage the roots of her hair.

Unfortunately for Fatima, the damage to her scalp and hair follicles was permanent, which was particularly upsetting as Alopecia can be treated successfully by a reputable hair loss clinic. Other victims of dangerous practices received injections into the scalp which can kill the roots of their hair, or were prescribed highly toxic substances resulting in patients being hospitalised with life-threatening conditions.

Genuine hair loss treatments

Although local salons in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the world may appear reputable, it is essential to seek treatment from a hair loss expert in the first instance. It is equally important to be forewarned before accepting any form of hair loss treatment.

There are no documented herbal remedies or garlic-based solutions that have been proven to reverse hair loss. Some natural extracts are believed to help with encouraging hair regrowth, such as saw tooth palmetto, which is used in The Belgravia Centre’s own Hair Vitalics dietary supplement. However, these should only be used as part of a prescribed holistic treatment programme based on an expert diagnosis of your specific hair loss condition.

A Reputable Hair Loss Clinic is Essential for Minimum Risk

Had Fatima and her fellow Saudi nationals realised that their ‘suitcase doctors’ had little or no experience in treating hair loss it is extremely unlikely that they would have willingly submitted themselves for treatment. Here at The Belgravia Centre we encourage anyone seeking treatment for hair loss conditions such as  a receding hairline or thinning crown to check the credentials of any provider before agreeing to undergo any form of therapy.

As the UK’s leading hair loss clinic, The Belgravia Centre has successfully treated thousands of men and women for all manner of hair loss conditions. Our wealth of success stories the largest of their kind in the world prove that we can back up our claims with results. We use clinically proven and medically licensed medications to treat hair loss. These proven medications are built into bespoke treatments plans, which can sometimes include the FDA-cleared LaserComb and our range of Hair Growth Boosters.

If you are concerned about hair loss, you are invited to attend a free, no obligation consultation at our London Victoria clinic where we will provide an accurate diagnosis of the hair loss condition and create a unique, personalised treatment plan designed to promote hair regrowth. You can contact us online, or call us on 0800 077 6666. Alternatively, you are welcome to fill out our online diagnostic form for a home-use treatment programme that we can post anywhere in the world.

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