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Facebook And Hair Loss


Earlier this year on The Belgravia Centre blog, we looked at how hair loss is dealt with on various online websites, including video site YouTube and micro-blogging network Twitter, so it seems appropriate to also consider what is arguably the most popular and most famous social network of all: Facebook.

Developed in 2003 by the now multi-millionaire Mark Zuckerberg as a means of evaluating the attractiveness of his fellow students at Harvard, “Facemash” as it was then known soon blossomed from a rather dubious student project into a thriving network for socialising, messaging, collecting photos and organising events. But has the website moved on to a more enlightened footing after the old days of being ruled by people’s appearances?

The Women’s Hair Loss Project

Although the odd joke-page does exist – for example, one gentleman named Geoff Cox has a bunch of friends who decided to create an “appreciation society” in honour of his hair loss – there is a plethora of groups on Facebook offering advice or recommendations for those who find themselves experiencing balding or thinning hair. One such group is The Women’s Hair Loss Project. Founded in 2007, the Project’s page asserts that it provides “help, hope and understanding to women dealing with hair loss.” The Project and the forum that their Facebook page creates is therefore run as a safe space in which women can raise and explore their emotional difficulties with hair loss and thinning. This initiative has, it seems, been pretty successful – with the page having gained some 2,225 likes so far.

Many links, but who to trust?

In addition to pages that offer emotional support, there is a second kind of page on Facebook regarding hair loss. Much like the Internet as a whole, there are a host of pages and groups on Facebook suggesting or promoting a variety of treatments for hair loss – some of which may work, some of which may not. It is therefore very hard to know who can be relied upon to provide scientifically accurate information and the expert guidance necessary to ensure the best possible results in hair regrowth and maintenance. Indeed, on our main website we have catalogued a series of fraudulent or dangerous alleged hair loss treatments that you should be very wary of – such as Proscar and Avodart.

The Belgravia Centre: Reliable and full of useful content!

Reflecting our desire to make hair loss treatment and advice as widely available as possible, The Belgravia Centre has a number of social networking profiles, including a Facebook page that you can like and interact with. In fact, our Facebook page is a major source for recommendations, feedback and other comments that we re-post here on this very blog. You can also find us on YouTube, where a wide range of informative videos are available, and Twitter, where we keep you up to date with the latest breaking news in the hair loss world.

If you have had experiences of hair loss, or treatment at The Belgravia Centre, that you’d like to share – either through comments or images – then please do contribute to our thriving Facebook community page. Or, if you’d like to read through some of our up to the minute success stories, then like the page and new posts will be streamed directly to your newsfeed!

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