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Eyelash Serum to be Tested on Genetic Hair Loss Sufferers

Latisse 1Many people around the world suffer from different kinds of hair loss. Just as there are a wide number of reasons for a person to lose their hair, there are also a large number of potential treatments for hair loss, of varying levels of effectiveness.

Allergan, the company which manufactures eyelash enhancing medication Latisse, has announced that it has begun testing its formulation on genetic hair loss sufferers. The company’s prescription treatment for ‘inadequate lashes’ is currently FDA approved in the US for this specific purpose, but now Allergan is hoping that its hair loss product can win FDA approval for the treatment of male pattern baldness and a host of other hair loss conditions.

Trials could result in new hair re-growth treatment

The initial trial of Latisse (0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is taking place in Arizona, with 28  hair loss patients of both genders taking part. The trial is due to end in February 2011. If the treatment successfully wins FDA approval, it is expected that it will be developed into a new topically applied hair re-growth cream to be rubbed into the scalp.

The eyelash serum was initially discovered when glaucoma patients taking bimatoprost ophthalmic solution for their condition found that it had the side effect of producing longer and darker eyelashes.

It is not yet known how much any hair loss treatment derived from the solution would cost, but Latisse for eyelashes is currently on the market for around $120 (£75) for a small bottle.

Propecia and Minoxidil for hair re-growth

Currently, there are only two pharmaceutical ingredients which are scientifically proven to be effective as part of a treatment programme for male pattern baldness and genetic hair loss. These are Propecia and Minoxidil, both of which are approved by the FDA in America and licensed by the MHRA in the UK for this purpose. Propecia is only effective in treating male hair loss, while Minoxidil is suitable for both genders.

LaserComb + Hair Vitalics SmallEffective hair loss treatment

At the Belgravia Centre we use both of these pharmaceutical treatments to form an effective programme of hair stabilisation and re-growth that proves effective in over 90% of cases. These are combined with a variety of ‘hair growth boosters’, such as laser combs and hair growth supplements, to ensure maximum effect. A comprehensive trichological monitoring programme with support from hair loss professionals is then used to keep track of hair re-growth results and assess the effectiveness of treatments.

To find out more about Belgravia’s professional hair loss help, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation or complete our online diagnostic form.

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