Lindsay Lohan's Extensions Can't Hide Thinning Hair

Lindsay Lohan not happy with new look

Lindsay’s done it again, but this time the manic star climed her peroxide blonde locks are for a role in a romance film called Dare to Love Me. Ms Lohan spent 11 hours at the hairdressers bleaching her natural red hair and getting some new extensions. Every girl knows that over-styling can, in some way, lead to hair loss, and even with extensions Lindsay’s hair is looking a bit thin. After emerging from the salon looking less than happy with her new look, Lindsay tweeted: "it’s for a movie… I begged (not to have it dyed).”

Hair colouring doesn't cause permanent hair loss from the root, but it can lead to thinning hair as the chemicals dry it out, making it susceptible to breakage along the shaft. Extensions, on the other hand, have the ability to pull hair out from the root, even with the highest degree of after-care. Hair loss in women is relatively common but rather than treat it, some cover it up with weaves or extensions which only make the problem worse. The constant tension on the hair follicles could lead to permanent scaring, stopping hair growth altogether.

Can anyone remember the last time Lindsay Lohan had short hair? She gave voice to her obsession with long locks on Twitter, saying: “I look ugly with short hair! Eeeeks!” But maybe it’s just that she thinks something like minoxidil isn’t enough of a quick-fix to solve her hair problems. A younger Lindsay with full, healthy hairWhether that is the case or not and to be honest it’s highly unlikely she’s even considered it it’s true that minoxidil won’t improve the quality or thickness of her hair, despite being a proven hair growth stimulant, until she makes some changes to her lifestyle and styling habits.

Lindsay’s been a fan of mixing things up, when it comes to her hair among other things, for quite some time. Speaking to OK! magazine, the Mean Girls star said: "It's something I like to do. I like to shock people.” But perhaps it was she that got a shock when she noticed her natural hair was thinning. Younger pictures of the actress show full, healthy looking hair, but photos following her full day appointment at Byron and Tracey Hair Salon in Beverly Hills highlight just how thin her hair has become. Even with extensions there’s no hiding it, which, you now know, isn’t surprising.

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