Expert Tips for Hair Growth

You can't make hair grow faster but you can make it grow healthier

You can fertilise your scalp as much as you like but in short - pardon the pun - there’s not a lot you can do about the length of your hair or the speed of its growth.

Hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month and typically spends between 2 to 7 years growing before it sheds, meaning the maximum length you could grow your hair would be about one metre. It’s normal to lose up to 100 hairs per day and still maintain healthy hair growth, but any more than this could indicate a problem.

For optimum hair growth, follow these few tips to maintain the health of your hair, minimise damage and help prevent hair loss.*

Let it loose
Your arm would probably pop out of its socket if someone pulled it hard enough, and constant pulling on the hair shaft can damage the follicle to such an extent that it ceases to produce hair. Receding hair lines and bald patches are common in people who wear tight braids, pony tails and extensions so give your scalp and hair a break by wearing it loosely as much as possible. Ask your hair stylist about ways to manage uncontrollable hair if you regularly wear braids for this reason.
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Eat meat
If you don’t get enough iron and protein, it shows in your hair, skin and nails. Protein is essential for the maintenance of hair growth as your hair is essentially made up of protein and amino acids. Lean red meat is the most easily absorbed source or iron and packed with protein. There’s a strong correlation between anaemia and hair loss, especially amongst women who tend not to eat as much red meat as men. Try and incorporate it into a healthy balanced diet or if you’re vegetarian, load up on leafy greens such as kale and spinach for iron and beans and raw nuts for protein.
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Breathe more
Stress is a killer and it can wreak havoc on your locks and even result in excessive hair loss. Deep breathing techniques are an excellent way to balance stress and can be done anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re out for a walk or sitting at your desk, breathe in for five seconds, slowly filling your lungs and abdomen, hold for one second then breathe out slowly for five. The extra oxygen helps release endorphins and aids in circulation, promoting relaxation and helping the hair follicles receive vital nutrient through the blood supply.
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Lack of sleep can affect hair growth - get your 40 winks Get your 40 winks
Many people would be surprised to know that sleep deprivation can contribute to hair loss. However, the daily stresses and strains that result from insufficient sleep affect your body’s systems, including the hair growth function. An average of 6-8 hours is generally recommended for active adults. However, you may need more or be able to survive on a little less depending on your age, health conditions and other factors. Listen to your body and get enough rest so it has the necessary energy for optimum performance.
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Consult a professional
If you’re still shedding in excess of 100 hairs a day, consult a professional immediately. Hair growth is affected by a number of factors so get an expert opinion to help determine what’s hindering your hair growth or causing thinning hair. It could have something to do with your medical history or a genetic disposition. A combination of scientifically proven medical hair loss treatments are sometimes needed to prevent hair fall and stimulate the follicles to generate hair growth. Other times your body may have a deficiency and lack the vital nutrients it needs, and hair supplements could be beneficial. Or you could need to address and an otherwise unnoticeable medical condition. If you’re worried about the condition of your hair, a hair loss specialist will be able to diagnose the cause of hair loss and tell you why your hair isn’t growing to its maximum capability, as well as provide you with the best options you have to tackle the problem.

More information: Call 020 7730 6666 for a free consultation with a Belgravia hair loss specialist or fill in the online diagnostic form to find out what you can do about your thinning hair.

Consider adopting some of the above tips to support the hair growth function and encourage the growth of healthy hair that’s less prone to damage, and if that fails consult a specialist for individual advice.

*Please note; these measures may not singularly prevent hair loss and you may need to look into a combination of proven hair loss treatments to address this issue.

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