Experiencing Hair Loss But DHT Levels Are Normal

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Name: Vijay

Question: Hi, I'm 29 years old. I'm experiencing hair loss from April 2017 till now. Initially the hair loss is drastic for 4 months (nearly 150-200 hairs everyday). Then it reduced gradually. Now I lose around 30 40 hairs when I take shower. I have taken DHT test on JUNE 2017 and it was high. I took DHT test again during DEC 2017 and it was normal. Please suggest on this.

Dihydrostestosterone DHT diagramAnswer: Hi, Vijay. It is not necessary to have dihydrotestosterone (DHT) measurements taken in order to determine the cause of your hair loss.

The amount of DHT in your system is not actually that important when a specialist is diagnosing your hair loss condition; it is more vital to visually determine whether you have an active genetic predisposition towards male pattern baldness. If you have, you will have inherited a sensitivity to DHT which will show on your scalp via the pattern of shedding. So whether you have a lot of DHT, or a little, you will still have the same reaction - thinning hair.

The reaction to DHT causes this hormone, which is largely superfluous following puberty, to bind to the follicles around the top of your scalp and hairline. It gradually weakens and destroys them over time, producing the outward signs of thinning hair, hair fall and possibly also a receding hairline. It is unconfirmed, though potentially possible, that the amount of DHT may influence the rate at which hair loss occurs, but it does not determine whether or not male pattern baldness is present - this is a genetic issue.

What is more interesting when looking to pinpoint what is causing your hairloss is the amount of hair you were losing before, and that which you are losing now. The normal range of hair fall for people who do not have any kind of hair loss condition is around 100 hairs per day. This may increase slightly during the winter months due to seasonal shedding. As you can see, the period you describe as 'drastic hair loss', where you were shedding 150-200 hairs per day, is significantly higher than this. However, the amount you say you are losing now is well below the normal daily shedding amount of 100 hairs.

Hair Loss Consultation Trichocheck at The Belgravia CentreThis suggests you may have had a temporary hair loss condition, most likely telogen effluvium. This presents around three months after being triggered - often by stress - and can clear up naturally within up to six months.

We recommend thinking back to anything unusual that may have happened before the hair fall started to become noticeable. It is probable that you will recall a particularly stressful period - whether emotionally or physically stressful, or perhaps something that may have placed unusual pressure on the body, such as starting a new diet, exercise regime, or a course of prescription medicine. Sometimes the body just needs time to get used to new routines and can temporarily divert its attention away from non-critical functions - such as the hair growth cycle - until it adjusts.

As the amount of hair fall you are currently experiencing is less than normal, it sounds as if you have now recovered well and are not showing signs of male pattern hair loss. However, if there are other symptoms that you have not mentioned here and are worrying you, such as a significant drop in hair density or any receding, you may wish to have a scalp assessment from a specialist. Belgravia offers free consultations, which can take place at either our City of London or Central London hair loss clinics, or online for those based outside London or abroad. Following this a diagnosis, personalised advice and - where necessary - hair loss treatment recommendations will be provided.

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